Summer Nails: The best celeb-inspired trends

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Summer Nails: The best celeb-inspired trends

Take a leaf out of celebrities’ books when it comes to a well-manicured set of nails as you’ll find that summery nail colours are usually cheery pastel pinks, pearls, nudes (with gold rims) and a dash of sunshine yellow. All things glittery and shiny seems to be making a comeback especially on red carpets where you’ll find Jennifer Lopez and Syd Wilder rocking matchy glittery nails that glimmer along with their gowns, and Rihanna’s teardrop-shaped rhinestone-dotted manicure. We especially love fun-embracing printed nail art, seen on Kelly Osbourne’s yellow rose printed nails, Genevieve G. Hannelius’ multi-printed nails that differ from each finger, and Busy Philipps’ chic purple manicure. 

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