Hair Rituel by Sisley: The new game-changing haircare brand you need to know about

Healthy scalp = healthy hair


By Su Fen Tan

Hair Rituel by Sisley: The new game-changing haircare brand you need to know about

“Haircare is the new skincare.”

This is the tagline by Hair Rituel, and rightly so, because the composition and functional of skin cells and scalp’s cells are highly similar. Having made its mark in the world of skincare with its skincare range made with the best plant extracts since 1976, it was only a matter of time before Sisley extended its expertise to haircare. Enter Hair Rituel, with an introductory range featuring six essential treatment products for a complete, sensorial haircare regimen.  

Healthy hair stems from a healthy scalp, which is why Hair Rituel is formulated to treat and care for the main components of the hair: the scalp and the hair fibre. Designed for all hair types, the sulfate-free products comprise of a potent blend of botanical extracts and essential oils, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Together, the natural active ingredients work to energise the scalp and restructure the hair fibre, giving you healthy, radiant hair. 

Complementing the hair-fortifying functions is a lovely citrusy yet woody scent that sits in the core of all six products, making your haircare experience a sensorial one. 

The star product of this range is the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum, which works beautifully to soothe the scalp, fortify the hair, and even promote hair growth. Tests carried out in partnership with the Centre Sabouraud, a skin and hair specialist medical centre, has proven that hair loss was stabilised with regular use of the serum.


Here, Sisley’s regional managing director, Nicolas Chesnier, tell us more about Hair Rituel and its philosophy, while sharing a few haircare tips:

On the decision to launch a new brand

“We actually started seven years ago to work on some haircare products. After working on it and testing the products, we were very satisfied with the results, and it became clear that it should be a new brand, and not just a new range.

When we started to study the hair, we made two key observations. Firstly, there is a very strong link between the skin and the hair. As you know, the hair is made of two parts: the scalp and the fibre. Both the scalp and fibre are very similar to skin. The scalp is where everything happens. It’s a production centre of keratin and melanin, and there is an intense microcirculation—the skin shares the same functions. The fibre, on the other hand, is more similar to the upper layer of the skin in composition. The first observation leads to the second one, that is the factors of damage; the same things that damage the skin also damage the hair. Therefore, the knowledge that we’ve developed for high-end skincare can be useful for haircare.”


On the bold branding

“With Hair Rituel, we inherited the know-how and the approach from Sisley, which is to offer high quality products with the use of natural actives in the right formulas to give the best results. While concept- and ambition-wise it’s comparable to Sisley, it’s a new brand and we’re in new territory, so we wanted a fresh design—something artistic, graphic, modern, and bright, so voilà.”


On Hair Rituel’s philosophy

“Our objective is to deliver very high quality products to our customers. Looking at the industry, we noticed that the high-end haircare segment is rather small at the moment, and that’s where we are positioning ourselves. We studied the scalp, and what do we need in the scalp. So we address four main objectives: 1) To revitalise; 2) To help regeneration and improve the microcirculation; 3) To strengthen the hair; and 4) To protect the colour, while keeping the hair healthy.”


On the signs of a healthy scalp

“A healthy scalp should have good microcirculation. If you notice that your scalp is red, that means it’s sensitive—it’s not a big problem, you just need to take care of it. The Hair Rituel serum will work well to help soothe the scalp. Sleep and of course personal hygiene is also important to maintain a healthy scalp.”


On common haircare faux pas

“People often use very strong, harsh chemicals on their scalp to keep up with trends sometimes, not realising they are causing damage to their hair. It doesn’t mean you can’t colour your hair, but you have to be mindful of the quality, and use products that respect your hair. Also, to take care of your hair, you can’t just focus on the fibre as the scalp is key as well.”


Hair Rituel is now available at all Sisley counters nationwide.

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