6 Achievable Halloween makeup looks that you can DIY this weekend

Scream queen


By Wei Yeen Loh

6 Achievable Halloween makeup looks that you can DIY this weekend

Ready to take on this weekend’s horror-filled shenanigans in your best Halloween costume? Remember to go with an equally mind-blowing beauty look to complete your scare tactics. But if you’re not into terrifying, special effects makeup that require more than two hours and a tonne of makeup products (most of which you will have to specially purchase just for this makeup look) to create, you can still look the part with these straightforward makeup tutorials that are actually achievable.

Take on these YouTube makeup tutorials that are great for makeup beginnners for October 31:

Snapchat Butterfly Filter

Next to the puppy and floral crown filter, this is probably our favourite Snapchat filter for its bronzed skin finish and hovering butterfly halo. Em Ford of My Pale Skin demonstrates how to achieve this look along with a DIY guide to creating your own golden glitter butterfly crown.


Skull Face

Skull makeup tutorials usually incorporate black and white face paint for an otherwordly effect, but LA-based makeup artist Chrisspy shows us that this gothic chic look can be done with a contour palette and black liquid eyeliner. Also, this tutorial only needs 14 products (including makeup brushes!)—a doable look compared to other in-depth vlogs.


Morticia Addams

Who can forget the matriarch of the Addams family’s ghostly pale complexion, extremely arched thin brows and icy countenance? Wear an all-black, long-sleeved gown teemed with sleek straight hair (or a wig) and you’ve nailed the look to a tee. 


Vampy vampire

You can never go wrong with a vampire costume for Halloween, and Desi Perkins shows us that all you need is a smoky eye and deep wine lip to complete your look. Optional props include special effects contact lenses and a stick-on tattoo of a vampire bite for that extra realistic vibe.


Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen

Fans of Game of Thrones and all its unpredictable plot twists (and killed-off characters), you can now channel your inner khaleesi with this Daenerys Targaryen look. Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Phan takes it to the next level with a straightforward tutorial that you can follow without having to break the bank.


… and more last-minute makeup ideas 

Those who have zero ideas but don’t have time to scour through YouTube, Sarocha B’s four-in-one video is a handy guide, and plus it doesn’t take too long to create—all you need are a total of six products per look!


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