Scrub up the smart way

Cleanse and go


By Buro247

Scrub up the smart way

If you’ve by any chance stumbled upon the magical tool that is the cleansing brush, chances are really, really good that you’re already hooked. If you haven’t, here’s why you might want to give this a try: it makes your skin soft, smooth, and squeaky clean. And here’s why the new Clarisonic’s Smart Profile Sonic Brush is unique:

One of the more notable characteristics of this brush is that you have – for the first time – a single tool from a brand that combines the functionalities for the face, body and pedi in one device. For those who are serious about their beauty indulgences, this will likely be viewed as a major score!

It also boasts a head-to-handle smart technology, which automatically adjusts power and timing to fit specific skin needs while the redesigned user interface visually indicates speed, battery-life, smart setting, and brush replacement. With amplified turbo boost to add a power boost to your cleansing routine, four speeds, extended usage, and head-to-toe capabilities, this device also finds the time to cleanse up to 11 times better than using just your hands alone!

So there you go, if you’re a Clarisonic devotee, or someone who simply enjoys the option of a spa-like series of treatments in the comfort of your home, the Smart Profile Sonic Brush is exactly what you may want (read: need) in your life.

Clarisonic Smart Profile Sonic Brush is now available at all Sephora outlets.

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