First Impressions: Schwarzkopf’s new Scalp Clinix line

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

First Impressions: Schwarzkopf’s new Scalp Clinix line

For those who haven’t heard, Schwarzkopf has just made their first foray into skincare. The new Scalp Clinix line, as the name suggests, targets your scalp—an often overlooked area of skin that requires just as much TLC as the rest of your body. 

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To explore the new line, BURO headed over to The Westin Desaru Coast Resort, where we experienced the brand’s official Scalp Clinix Launch. After a five-hour bus ride and a spot of lunch, we were ushered in for the launch event (accompanied by a delicious array of afternoon tea treats!). Here’s what we learned from the session:

@burobeautybeat Come along with us to the launch of @schwarzkopfpro’s #SCALPCLINIXcollection PSST: It’s available to shop now! #schwarzkopfpromy ♬ why is everyone using this sound - : )

Balanced scalp, healthy hair: This is the idea on which the Scalp Clinix line is built. By harnessing the powers of biotic technology crossed with skincare-inspired ingredients, the Scalp Clinix line seeks to promote a healthy scalp microbiome, which in turn fosters the growth of healthier hair.

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How does the microbiome affect your scalp and hair? Simply put, when your skin’s microbiome is in a balanced state, it is healthy. However, if your skin’s microbiome is unbalanced, an array of issues such as dandruff, itchiness, dryness, and hair loss may subsequently arise. The way to resolve these issues is to restore balance in your scalp’s microbiome, and the Scalp Clinix range is here to help you do that.

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The range consists of four targeted regimes, all of which can be mixed and matched to customise your treatment to your scalp’s needs. This includes:

  • Soothing: For dry and delicate scalps
    This range is formulated to help re-balance the scalp’s moisture levels while fostering a healthy scalp microbiome. It contains ingredients such as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial blue cornflower extract, moisture-binding panthenol, healing tigergrass extract, soothing allantoin, astringent witch hazel and calming chamomile.
  • Oil Control: For oily scalps
    This range is formulated to deep-cleanse the scalp and remove excess sebum without compromising the microbiome. It contains antioxidant-rich rosemary extract, cooling menthol, and purifying eucalyptus leaf extract.
  • Flake Control: For all dandruff types
    This range has been formulated for those who struggle with dandruff, gently removing visible flakes while strengthening the scalp’s microbiome. It contains fungicidal octopirox to inhibit the fungal growth that causes dandruff as well as ginger root extract to improve blood circulation and protect against environmental aggressors.
  • Anti-hair loss: For non-pathological hair loss
    This range is formulated for those experiencing hair loss (as the name suggests) and uses strengthening ginseng extract to promote blood circulation to the scalp. It also uses taurine to prevent follicles from entering the premature hair loss phase, carnitine tartrate to keep the hair follicle cells in the growth phase for longer, and anti-inflammatory echinacea purpurea extract to reduce scalp itching, all of which work together to activate the hair follicles.

For the in-salon assortment, each of these categories is offered in the form of boosters which are then mixed with the brand’s Biotic Base and massaged into the scalp. The at-home assortment, however, consists of a shampoo and a treatment (exempting the Anti-Hair Loss range, which offers a hair serum in place of the treatment) which will help to maintain your improved scalp condition until your next salon visit.

We tried the at-home Oil Control range for ourselves, and the first impressions are telling:

@burobeautybeat Thank you @schwarzkopfprofessional ♬ Sleepy - Gui

Overall, only time will tell how effective the new line is, but so far, so good! Stay tuned for an update…


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