How to add sparkle into your makeup routine (and life), seen at Dries Van Noten

Shine bright


By Wei Yeen Loh

How to add sparkle into your makeup routine (and life), seen at Dries Van Noten

Yesterday at Dries Van Noten’s SS18 show during Paris Fashion Week, models glided down the runway in embellished clothes that shimmered in every angle—but those weren’t the only scene-stealers of the night. Their makeup was eye-catching to say the least, with sparkles decked on their main features that reflected the light every so slightly with every move.

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Makeup artist Peter Philips’ choice of glitz was in the form of minute Swarovski crystals that were delicate as they were striking. He proved the term less is more by embellishing the models’ eyelids and lips with these crystals, sans any other makeup products because nothing else should (and could) detract from the shine. These crystals were carefully glued in a linear fashion—along the upper and lower eyelids, in a vertical line in the middle of the lips, and along the curve of the lower lips. Even the hairline got bedazzled, with hairstylist Sam McKnight adorning the side parts with gleaming studs to make a statement. Ace this runway look with three easy products: A pair of tweezers, eyelash glue and dazzling rhinestones of your preference. Tip: Make sure that the glue is tacky before you apply it onto your face. Now this is how you turn heads on a night out—by catching lights, not feels.


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