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Revamping classics: 5 Ways to upgrade your everyday makeup look


By Wei Yeen Loh

Revamping classics: 5 Ways to upgrade your everyday makeup look

Go forth with bold strokes and let the wildest of colours and sparkliest of glitters steer your beauty moodboard with panache. Here’s how you can elevate your winged liner, red lip, and more for maximum impact:


The new red lip is one that isn’t just a red lip-and we mean with varied colours and a slight dash of texture for an undone effect. Think patches, rather than polka-dots. Can’t decide between red or pink? Wear both. Love matte but kinda into gloss? Layer them together. There are no rules in embracing colours and textures.

Tip: A cotton bud is your best friend for this look-to clean edges where necessary. Layer gloss and cream over matte for the best effect.


For a cat eye look, steer clear from noir and say hello to colours-specifically, two contrasting shades. Make a fierce statement with a killer gaze and a razor-sharp extended wing. Instead of drawing the flicks with an eyeshadow pencil, use an angled eyeshadow brush instead and blend out the tip of the wings to make it look less runway, more real-life.

Tip: Stick on tape on the bottom lash line (angling it towards your temple) for a perfectly straight line.


You don’t need much to wow when you have glitter at hand. Simply wear one eyeshadow colour (lilac is our preference) and apply a smattering of clear glitter above for added dimension. Think of it as a highlighter-but for your peepers.

Tip: Keep your cheeks and lips in the same shade for a romantic look.


Can you tell that we’re not ready to say goodbye to the monochrome makeup trend just yet? Draw attention to your brows the same way you would with your lashes-one product (coloured mascara) is all you need. Swipe your upper and lower lashes with blue mascara, followed with another swipe on your eyebrows for a brow-tiful look.


Tip: Fill in your brows with your go-to product before layering on the coloured mascara for a subtle look.



If you thought that sparkly nails can only be worn for a festive occasion, we’re going to change your mind. Sprinkle glitter of all sizes closer to the nail cuticle and let your natural nail colour come through (all you need is clear polish and you’re good to go).

Tip: Feeling adventurous? Dot crystals (of varied sizes as well) on your fingers for a mesmerising effect.

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