Recap: Makeup artist Att Yusof’s guide to looking flawless this Raya


By Wei Yeen Loh

Recap: Makeup artist Att Yusof’s guide to looking flawless this Raya
The self-professed blush lover spills what’s in her makeup bag—including her favourite bougee buys and underrated steals

Hari Raya is just around the corner and if you haven’t got your beauty look down pat yet (FYI virtual reunions don’t mean you can’t dress up), get inspired by makeup pro Att Yusof on how to look major during this festive season:


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Must-haves for a Raya-ready look: “Blusher! It brings out the glow in you and it makes you look fresh. I can’t live without it. Also, lip products. We’ll be eating a lot during Raya so you have to have lipstick in your bag or with you, everywhere you go. The bigger my bag, the more lipsticks I have in it.”

Favourite lipstick finish: “I love satin finishes, and I like layering it with gloss as of late. I have to have lip gloss. If gloss isn’t available then satin works for me.”

Camera-ready tips for Raya this year: “My current makeup—it’s simple. Video calls won’t take too long, so after your virtual reunions, just remove your makeup. There’s no point layering too much makeup and going into the details. As long as you highlight whatever people can see on screen—like blusher and lipstick. I don’t even have mascara on now! It’s going to be blurry anyway, so just put on makeup that will translate visibly.”

Skincare tips for staying home: “My skincare routine has changed. I thought that my skin would improve because I’d be wearing less makeup and having less sun exposure but girl, no. My skin has gotten a lot worse. I don’t know why! It could be the AC drying out my skin. What I’ve included more in my routine is hydrating products.”

Your breakout remedy: “I recently had an allergic reaction on my entire face after trying out a few new makeup products. I always make sure to use acne cream and tailor my skincare routine to when I know my skin is going to get reactive i.e. when I’m feeling hormonal or when my period is coming.”

Favourite primer right now: “Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer.”

Foundation for a flawless finish: “Shu Uemura Unlimited Foundation for myself. For my clients, Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.”

All-time favourite blusher: “I can’t pick one! I love Patrick Ta’s blushers—they are all beautiful. I also like Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo.”

Favourite lip colour: “I like applying a brown shade on the outside of the lips and a dash of nude in the middle of the lips.”

Most bougee splurge you have in your beauty bag: “La Mer’s foundation, brushes from Wayne Goss (it’s USD$50 per brush and that’s not even including shipping!)—but they are all worth it.

A beauty myth you’d like to address: “People think primers aren’t important but your base is the key to having a great makeup look. Some people skip primer and think that it’s another marketing ploy but no—primer is the only layer that protects your skin from makeup. And it’s what helps prevent your skin from getting blemishes as well. Also, don’t skip sunscreen!”

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