The pretty and the questionable nail art that have taken shape so far


By Gwen Ong

The pretty and the questionable nail art that have taken shape so far


We’re halfway through 2018 and now more than ever, we’re pretty convinced that art is a subjective thing. Like, how else would you describe these nail trends that have made the last six months a colourful, creative moment in time?



Negative space

Never have we thought that an “unfinished” look could be as polished as this one, which spells elegance and grace. This is definitely a minimalist dream with the monochrome shades and clean lines.






Also a play on the negative space look but with a cheeky half moon in the middle. This actually reminds us of ice lolly on a hot summer day and the vibrant colours take us to an afternoon at the park.





Quirky blocking

No matter what critics will have you believe, it’s always colour-blocking season. We like the play of sweet and deep shades on our digits to make a day at the office seem less drab.





Holo swag

We imagine that life without colours would be quite depressing but you can’t fault this nude-holographic look when it lends such a pretty hue with minimum effort.







While this nail art is pretty unique and lovely to look at, we’re not sure about the practicality of it all. Washing your hair might just be difficult or you can take it as growing pains.





Sharp shooter

Ok, we get that the stiletto nails have been around for a while, but we can’t help but flinch thinking how piercing these are. Major points for the gorgeous colours though.





Screw it

We’re always grateful for the invention of a handy tool like a corkscrew but to have it on your nail? We’ll need a lot of convincing that this look is practical too.






Just one word – no!




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