Peter Philips of Dior Makeup introduces Diorskin Forever and what ‘baking’ is all about

What's baking good looking?


By Wei Yeen Loh

Peter Philips of Dior Makeup introduces Diorskin Forever and what ‘baking’ is all about

Flawless skin is pretty much what every woman out there is gunning for—especially flawless long-lasting skin that looks effortless and radiant at the same time. While this might sound too much to ask for, Dior Beauty has just released a foundation under its Diorskin Forever range to make flawless skin achievable for every woman.


Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation is a non-oily formula that easily blends with the skin to deliver perfect complexion correction and a matte finish thanks to a duo of mattifying and soft-focus powders. Once the foundation sets, a special acrylic polymer sets the texture and pigments in place—this means that this coverage will last for up to 16 hours without any discomfort. 


If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, Diorskin Forever’s 3-step guide to achieving perfect skin has three other products in line to make sure that your foundation sets and lasts throughout the day and into the night. Here’s how Dior’s Creative and Image Director Peter Philips does it:

While we’re all educating ourselves on getting picture-perfect poreless skin, take a moment to find out how to accentuate the prominent features on your face through this technique called “baking”. You’d be surprised to know that it isn’t that difficult to DIY, and only needs a handful of products to achieve:

A look at the newest Diorskin Forever products and the highlighter pen used by Philips in the videos above:

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Diorskin Forever will be available at all Dior Beauty counters nationwide from May 20, 2016 onwards.


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