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Pairings made easy—three serums to bring out your most youthful radiance


By Gwen Ong

Pairings made easy—three serums to bring out your most youthful radiance

When it comes to the art of serum pairing, you might find it a little daunting on what works. Worried that your product-layering may clog your skin? Not quite sure which active ingredients you shouldn’t mix?

Before you fret, we have found the perfect trio in Decorté’s line-up of luxurious skincare that you can match up in two unique pairings to achieve enviable, flawless skin.

Decorté’s iconic serums—Moisture Liposome, Whitelogist Bright Express and AQ Oil Infusion are developed with the best quality ingredients and highly advanced skincare technology to ensure visible results. Let us break it down for you on how to make the pairings work. You’ll be on your way to a refined elegance in no time!

Start with Decorté Moisture Liposome

With its long history as a hydrating boosting pre-serum, Moisture Liposome is your first step in prepping your skin to get all the goodness of your skincare. Think of it as the booster that will help set the tone of a healthy skin foundation. Apply the pre-serum on the face and let it penetrate deep into the epidermis to boost hydration and restore translucency and suppleness.

Liposome is a phospholipid that has a similar composition to the skin cell membrane. With its minute size, it releases moisturising agents layer by layer so skin is continuously nourished from within. This in turn encourages better absorption and efficacy of other ingredients so your skincare ritual works well for you.

1) Pair with Decorté Whitelogist Bright Express for a crystal brightening effect

This serum contains a unique complex ingredient called Bright Equalizer that is made up of four unique botanical extracts—Japanese honeysuckle extract, saffron crocus flower extract, malva sylvestris and wild thyme extract. This complex targets age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone—it helps break down the melanin clusters that are responsible for skin darkening and discharge them from the skin effectively. ­

The Whitelogist Bright Express also contains seaweed extract to improve skin hydration, and the brightening ingredient Kojic Acid EW as well as three Oriental herbal extracts to inhibit melanin activity so your complexion stays vibrant.

How to: Apply 2-3 pumps of Moisture Liposome on clean skin followed by Whitelogist Bright Express both morning and evening. The former enhances moisture absorption and thus allowing the brightening ingredient to penetrate even deeper into the skin, revealing a softer texture and better translucency.

2) Pair with Decorté AQ Oil Infusion for a youthful, energised skin

With a high concentration of white mucuna bean extract, white birch bark extract as well as natural mineral and amino acids, the AQ Oil Infusion works wonders in promoting skin regeneration. These ingredients work together to enhance the health of the skin and improve its responsiveness. While the addition of tamba bean extract helps balance female hormones and delays the signs of ageing.

The ultra lightweight serum also delivers a triple action:

  • protect skin from the effects of dehydration
  • promote healing
  • support collagen production deep in the skin’s dermis

The unique night-blooming cereus fragrance also helps to send your senses into total relaxation—perfect for your night time self-care routine.

How to: Apply 2-3 pumps of Decorté Moisture Liposome on clean skin followed by 4 drops of AQ Oil Infusion with gentle massage—but do this only during your night skincare routine. With nourished skin, the AQ Oil Infusion’s beauty essence can deliver greater vitality to your complexion and prevent dryness and dullness.

Shop Decorté Moisture Liposome here. Visit Decorté counters in Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens, Isetan The Japan Store Lot 10, Parkson Elite Pavilion or Parkson Gurney Plaza

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