Oriental ingredients go on a super-serum power trip

East is East


By Renyi Lim

Oriental ingredients go on a super-serum power trip

Cordyceps Mushroom

One of the most potent traditional ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps mushrooms help replenish the skin’s natural energy and protect against collagen degradation. Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, RM 155, comes infused with cordyceps mushroom extract to prevent dark eye circles and to plump up the skin. Combined with extracts of Indian mukul myrrh tree root and bamboo grass to help support the skin’s structure and to work against excess pigmentation, this hybrid, holistic formula takes a gentle yet firm approach to tackling visible signs of aging.

Narrow-Leaf Plantain

A wild growing plant with an incredible capacity for preserving the skin’s youthful features, the narrow-leaf plantain slows the sagging of adipose tissue and maintains the structure of the support network of adipocytes in the face. The result: facial contours that remain defined, skin that doesn’t go slack, and a dramatic reduction of deep wrinkles. Clarins’ Super Restorative Remodelling Serum, RM 550, teams narrow-leaf plantain extract with organic Harungana and Montpellier rock-rose extracts to give you an instant ‘lift’ effect – proof that it’s an exceptional concentrate of energy and radiance.


China’s first Emperor couldn’t get enough of ChoJaHaBiDan – a secret royal court remedy that encouraged the skin to detect any problems and activate its defensive skin cell mechanisms. The History of Whoo’s Bichup Ja Saeng Essence, RM1,015 for 90ml, has recreated the ancient formula for the benefit of those with dull, unhealthy looking skin that’s lost its sparkle. ChoJaHaBiDan addresses the skin’s lack of energy and reduces both skin darkening and brown spots, enabling the skin to ‘self-regenerate’ back to its original splendour. The essence also boasts anti-inflammatory effects, increases skin elasticity, and discourages wrinkles: thank goodness for all those cure-all formulas from the East.

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