One-minute solutions to pesky beauty problems

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By Terry Saw

One-minute solutions to pesky beauty problems

1. “Serious case of panda eyes by noon – ugh. Can I ever get my eyeliner to behave?”

Pro tip: Yes, the trick lies in picking the right products. Dab an oil-free concealer under the eyes (right under your lashes) to avoid eyeliner smudges and to cover up dark circles. Opt for a liquid formula, which absorbs quicker and doesn’t give you that cake-y finish. A light dusting of brightening powder also helps set it and creates a barrier against your eyeliner going astray.

Try: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder



2. “Baby hairs are the bane of my existence!”

Pro tip: The last thing you want ruining a hot hairdo are thin, short ‘baby’ hairs.  Instead of spritzing hair spray directly onto the hair, which may weigh down your ‘do even more, try coating a clean toothbrush with hairspray and tame the strands by combing downwards. A backstage fave is using clear mascara, which also does the job – just make sure you use a clean or disposable spooley brush.

Try: Sachajuan Hairspray Light and Flexible 



3. “Help – my hair is caking from hairspray and dry shampoo!”

Pro tip: These lazy-girl hair saviours really are the bee’s knees, until you try to wash them out after a few uses. When this happens, it simply means you’ve maxed out on your dry shampoo and styling tricks between washes and your hair is suffering from days of oil, dirt and powder or hairspray build-up – eek. Massage dry strands using a liquid clarifying shampoo to ‘melt’ the product and leave on for a minute or two before lathering. You’ll also want to keep your dry shampoo usage to once or twice – at most – before your next hair wash and it’s best not to leave hairspray in your hair overnight.

Try: Kerastase Bain Clarifiant 



4. “My DIY nail polish smudges two seconds after I’m done. Every. Time.”

Pro tip: And breathe. Before you start all over, try patting a little remover onto your index finger and gently sweeping it over the smudged area to even it out. Reapply a layer of polish over the affected area and seal with a quick-dry topcoat as a quick fix.

Try: Butter London Quick Dry Drops  



5. “I exfoliate but still get this layer of gunk on my lips – what am I doing wrong?”

Pro tip: Dry lips traps particles between cracks in the lips that ‘move’ when a gloss or lipstick is applied, resulting in a persisting layer of white film. Prep your lips by using a lip scrub or gently rub using a wet washcloth before applying a balm or lipstick. Keep lips hydrated with a tinted lip balm, which also gives you just a nice hint of colour without drying them out.

Try: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish


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