12 Nail art ideas for the trendsetting beauty risk-taker


By Wei Yeen Loh

12 Nail art ideas for the trendsetting beauty risk-taker


Denim lovers


Give your digits a fashionable update by getting it outfitted in denim—we love how the frayed edges add a hint of unconventionality.


Neon under-tips


The best kind of nail art is when it catches you off-guard, such as this look—a flash of neon peeking underneath the tips. Perfect for those who love their talons long.


Moo manis


Kendall Jenner’s favourite animal print this season is none other than this—cow printed nail art made for those who prefer something more understated than a leopard or tiger print.


Ceramic textures


Just when you think you’ve seen everything when it comes to nail art inspiration, ceramic textured nails are here to wow us. How gorgeous is the speckled effect?


Donut effects


Move over negative space nail art. The latest take on the less-is-more nail trend is this seriously cute donut effect. Try three different hues to achieve a snazzier look.


Matte marble


If you’re not quite over marbled nails, take on the matte version of this nail art. It’s subtle, chic but equally as statement-making as it’s glossier predecessor.


Holo rainbows


Can’t decide on one colour for your manicure? Go with every colour on the spectrum and jazz it up with a holographic finish—you can’t go wrong with this iridescent effect.


Papaya prints


If cherries are too mainstream for your liking, sport these fruity tips for spring instead.


Fishy fingertips


What’s better than transparent jelly-like nails? Fish motifs that give it a whimsical interpretation, such as these goldfish-decked digits.


Chombré chic


Chombré is a now a thing and we’re seriously stoked for it. Combine our two fave nail art trends (chrome and ombré) and you’d get this iridescent gradation effect that will make the best hand-fies.


Give it a wave


This Hokusai-inspired nail art is everything we’re looking for in an abstract nail art trend that stands out beautifully without being OTT.


Smoked out


Inky blotches are made fashionable with this subtle smoked out nail art. Smudge out a charcoal hue and you’d get an effortlessly-messy effect that’s also ultra-chic.

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