7 Awe-inducing beauty looks at Milan Fashion Week SS19


By Wei Yeen Loh

7 Awe-inducing beauty looks at Milan Fashion Week SS19

If you were taken by the plethora of awe-inspiring makeup looks spotted at London and New York Fashion Week earlier this month, Milan will blow your mind with some serious beauty inspo that you might want to save in your moodboard. The memo of the week was to go bold subtly—as ironic as this sounds, beauty gurus backstage proved that the new spring-ready look is one to score for next season.

Plenty of the references hark back to beauty trends from past decades but with a modern twist, from Prada’s ’60s-leaning look replete with the chic-est faux bangs, to a ’90s revival at Marco De Vincenzo in the form of jaw clips—the more the merrier. Giorgio Armani and Missoni offered fresh ways of wearing a daytime smoky eye, whether by way of smouldering pale hues or ethereal pastel shades. Below, which look are you from Milan Fashion Week SS19 are you most excited to try out?

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