6 Patriotic nail art ideas to sport this Merdeka

Malaysia-themed manicure


By Low Sue Mae

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6 Patriotic nail art ideas to sport this Merdeka

It’s finally August, which means that patriotic spirits are flying at an all-time-high. If you want to celebrate the occasion in a fun way, here are some nail art ideas for this National Day.

There are many ways to cheer and show your love to Malaysia. Some choose to crank up Merdeka tracks throughout the month, while others take the opportunity to support the community by shopping locally. However, we’re here to show you how to flaunt your National’s Day spirit through your look—starting from getting a manicure.

Nail art is a great way to express yourself, express a feeling or even send out a message to others—so what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a fresh set? Better yet, gel and acrylic nails can last for up to three or four weeks with proper care, making sure your nails scream “I love Malaysia” while you countdown to the day. Of course, not everyone wants to take the literal road—that’s why we’ve rounded up nail inspo that is subtle. Now if you’re up for the idea, scroll down to see the inspos that we’ve prepared for you.


The patriot’s French mani

You can never go wrong with a classic! French tips are an easy and subtle way to get festive with our vibrant national colours. To add a little more intrigue to the nail look, you could try adding accents to your design—just place a little cute decal onto one or two of your nails.


Keep it simple

Looking for a bold yet simple design? This is a design you should try. Paint your nails any combination of red, yellow, blue and white to proudly represent our flag colours! Whether you’re going for alternate colours on each finger or a single solid set, it’s a fun way to add a vibrant pop of colour to your look, but easy enough to DIY at home. 


Shapes and lines 

Here’s a funky choice that, overall, still gives a minimalistic vibe to your nails. If you want to try painting your nails on your own but you’re not really good with your hands, this is an easy way to start. Alternatively, head to the nail salon to get your stars and stripes done just right!


Little flowers

This is an adorable design for those who want something wearable past Merdeka. Start with a skin-coloured base and then paint on tiny florals of your choice in our national hues. Alternatively, skip the on-the-nose route and use native flowers like hibiscus, rafflesia or Ixora.


Radial gradient 

Here’s a little something that’s perfect for the more creative risk-takers. This nail trend has been extremely popular since last year and is a pretty good option to consider if you want everyday, wearable nails with an easy Malaysia-themed twist.


An elegant nail art that is perfect if you want to create a design with mixed colours, this design is perfect for those looking for a happy medium between simple and bold. However, it is better to keep it within three colours if you want to try this wavy pattern.


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