What’s in my (beauty) bag: Professional makeup artist Shiyo Joo


By Wei Yeen Loh

What’s in my (beauty) bag: Professional makeup artist Shiyo Joo

It’d be hard to hate packing (and unpacking) if you were a makeup artist. Ask professional makeup artist Shiyo Joo on the number of times he has to unload and reload his makeup bag and you might just be bowled over. For every daily job he has on-the-go, Joo repacks the entire contents of his makeup bag before leaving home. What is inadvertently “part of the job” requires careful planning and research to ensure that he gets the look right with all what’s in his makeup bag on that day.

There is the usual gamut of beauty essentials yes, but in Shiyo Joo’s case (literally), the range runs from five densely-packed bags of lip colours (lacquers, matte liquid lipsticks, glosses etc) to a plethora of brushes for every use imaginable, whether it’s covering up a visible-on-camera-only pore or blending out body foundation.

Joo’s repertoire encompasses makeup for editorials, celebrities (Neelofa, Dayang Nurfaizah and Nora Danish just to name a few) and select clients on special events such as weddings. Check out the full video above to find out how he decides what goes in the luggage everyday.

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