Beauty buzz: Patrick Starrr’s makeup brand is coming to Sephora, Lush opens another branch in 1Utama


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Beauty buzz: Patrick Starrr’s makeup brand is coming to Sephora, Lush opens another branch in 1Utama

This has been one huge month in beauty—businesses are seemingly booming, with expansions and launches happening left, right, and centre. Some are working to improve existing products, while others are taking a step back and working towards meaningful impact. Either way, November has proved to be a really exciting month in beauty, so here are all the headlines!

Go Orange with The Body Shop

The ongoing pandemic has been difficult for all—mental health continues to wane against uncertain circumstances and many find their patience wearing thin as they quarantine to stay safe.

It’s a worthy cause: By staying home, we prevent the spread of the virus, protect our loved ones, and reconnect with the things in our lives that really matter. However, in practise, the consequences of a lockdown run much deeper.

People have lost their jobs, many are struggling to make ends meet, and it has never been more dangerous for victims of domestic abuse. What many fail to realise is that behind closed doors, 1 in 10 Malaysian women are victims of domestic violence, and that statistic has only been on the rise since the onset of the MCO.

According to the executive director of the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Sumitra Visvanathan: “The sharp rise in domestic violence that we’ve witnessed during the MCO period is extremely concerning. When survivors are put into a situation of isolation with their abusers, this creates circumstances where it is even easier for the abuser to exert control physically, emotionally, and socially.”

“Ending domestic violence requires comprehensive interventions, including shelter space, legal protection, counseling, hotlines, and case management among others,” she continues. “Malaysia sorely lacks shelter space for domestic violence survivors. Compared to international good practices, we need to increase our shelter space 10-fold. COVID-19 makes this an increasing concern.”

That’s why The Body Shop is continuing its long-lived partnership with the WAO with their ‘Orange The World’ campaign.

“The pandemic continues to challenge our way of life but it disproportionately affects the lives of women over men. So today, more than ever, it is important for us as feminists to lean in and support each other,” says Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, managing director of The Body Shop Malaysia. “On this International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we stand up to speak out in support of all our sisters, mothers and daughters who experience violence.”

Your splurges can make a difference—every purchase with The Body Shop this December will help support Women’s Aid Organisation’s work to end domestic violence.

Gucci’s mini-series, Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended, is an effort take on natural, genderless beauty

The seven-part mini-series debuted as part of the GucciFest fashion and film festival that took place earlier this month. It showcases the new collection by creative director Alessandro Michele, and is co-directed by Michele and Gus Van Sant.

The series featured faces such as brand ambassadors Florence Welch and Lu Han, and the incredible beauty looks were created with Gucci Beauty products and conceptualized by Gucci Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist, Thomas de Kluyver.

One/Size by Patrick Starrr has arrived at Sephora

patrick starrr makeup line

If you’re familiar with the YouTube sphere, you’re in for a treat. ICYMI: The iconic Patrick Starrr has a makeup line, and it’s headed to Sephora Malaysia on the 3 December 2020!

Starrr, a Filipino-American YouTube creator, is known for his captivating personality and equally dazzling tutorials. Since he started his channel, Starrr has managed to rack up a whopping 4.4 million subscribers on the platform. You may recognise his work on celebs like Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell, as well as on fellow beaut-tuber personality NikkieTutorials.

The One/Size line features products like the Visionary Eyeshadow Palette, the Eye-Popping Sparkle Vision Eyeshadows, the Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen, and dramatic faux lashes, to name a few.

Watch this space to cop the drop.

Jill Stuart launches the ‘Dazzling Wonderland’ collection

jill stuart holiday collection

The esteemed beauty brand combines kawaii culture with beauty like never before—encased in all things sparkly, this limited-edition Dazzling Wonderland gift set is inspired by the circus, and it is guaranteed to leave you amazed.

The set contains all our favourite things; the Dazzling Wonderland Eternal Couture Eyes, the Dazzling Wonderland Bloom Mix Blush Compact, the Tone-up Face Powder, and the Dazzling Wonderland Rouge Crystal Carat.

Find the set here.

Strip Malaysia has a new seasonal wax to satisfy your olfactory senses

If you’re looking for a truly unique hair removal experience, we recommend getting yourself down to your nearest Strip Malaysia outset ASAP. That’s right—their seasonal waxes are back to play, and this year it’s coming up… forest scented?

The delightful limited-edition wax has been formulated by and exclusively for Strip. Not only does it smell great (pine scents galore—just in time for the holidays); it’s also suitable for all skin types to give you the most comfortable waxing experience possible.

PSST: If you’re a first-timer at Strip, you’ll enjoy a special discount on a Brazilian and/or Boyzilian this coming month!

Velvet Vanity releases the new and improved ‘Super Slim Stick’


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