Beauty buzz: Le Labo’s City Exclusives are arriving, Dior Beauty releases the new Sauvage film


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Beauty buzz: Le Labo’s City Exclusives are arriving, Dior Beauty releases the new Sauvage film

1. Le Labo’s City Exclusive collection is now available—for a limited time only

If you’re familiar with the Le Labo brand, you’ll know just how major the City Exclusives event is. if not, however, allow us to catch you up.

The City Exclusive fragrances by Le Labo are only sold in the city that they are made for. No exceptions. However, once a year, for a limited time only, the brand sells every city scent in every Le Labo boutique—the only time you’ll be able to score all of them at once. As luck would have it, the time is upon us Malaysians.

There are fifteen scents available:

  1. Cedrat 37 for Berlin
  2. Gaiac 10 for Tokyo
  3. Vanille 44 for Paris
  4. Mousse de Chene 30 for Amsterdam
  5. Musc 25 for Los Angeles
  6. Tubereuse 40 for New York
  7. Aldehyde 44 for Dallas
  8. Poivre 23 for London
  9. Baie Rose 26 for Chicago
  10. Benjoin 19 for Moscow
  11. Limette 37 for San Francisco
  12. Cuir 28 for Dubai
  13. Tabac 28 for Miami
  14. Citron 28 for Seoul
  15. Bigarade 18 for Hong Kong

The complete collection is available from September 1 through September 30 both in-store and online.

2. Dyson introduces the new Flyaway attachment to tackle your pesky frizz

dyson supersonic flyaways

Struggling to achieve a salon-finish quality with your at-home blowout? Here’s a solution—the new attachment for the Dyson Supersonic is simple and ingenious. With just a single pass, the attachment tames unruly frizz and smoothes flyaways. How? It’s all thanks to the Coanda effect, also known as the trademark technology behind the Dyson Airwrap.

Unfortunately for those of you who already own a Dyson Supersonic, the attachment is only available for purchase in a bundle for the moment, so you’ll have to purchase another hairdryer to get it. On the bright side? If you do, you’ll have two Dyson Supersonics!


3. Dior Beauty presents the new Sauvage film

The latest campaign from Dior is just as captivating as the last. Starring a guitar-playing, wolf-attracting Johnny Depp, the new campaign captures the rock-and-roll essence of the House’s Sauvage Elixir perfectly.

In the film, a lone Depp is found in the middle of the desert at sunset, stark against its cracked landscape, armed with little more than an electric guitar and a backdrop of amps. As he strums the opening chords to The Troggs’ ‘Wild Thing’, the wolves descend—surrounding the leading man with the energy of the fragrance.

Watch the new campaign below:

4. Lush takes to the frontlines to serve vaccinated community members

By this point, we’re hoping that you already know how imperative a good hand-washing routine is in this pandemic. Given that the latest delta strain of COVID-19 is emerging in our community, it is now more important than ever to ensure proper personal hygiene. Really, if anything, a bar of soap should be your best friend by now.

Well, Lush certainly knows it, and the brand took action early in August to ensure that everyone else did too. The soap company partnered with the Sungai Buloh Hospital to distribute Lush bar soaps to frontliners and members of the community post-vaccination.

Shop the brand’s soap range here.

5. Neal’s Yard Remedies introduces the new Wild Rose Skincare collection

Are you a fan of rosehip oil? If so, we have the ideal launch for you. The latest launch from Neal’s Yard Remedies, the Wild Rose Skincare collection, harnesses the powers of organic rosehip seed oil and high-performance botanicals to deliver a natural glow.

The full lineup includes four products: The Wild Rose AHA Toner, the Wild Rose Glow Face Oil, the Wild Rose Glow Day Cream, and the Wild Rose Eye Brightener. Each ingredient used in the products is sustainably and responsibly sourced, and you can purchase it now.


6. The Face Shop revamps their Calendula Essential line

If your skin is in need of a major nurturing, The Face Shop has you covered with their latest reboot. The Calendula Essential line harnesses the healing properties of the golden flowers, blended with the Face Shop’s unique Soothing Herb Complex and Hyaluronic acid. The result? Skincare that is both moisturising and soothing.

The line contains four products with a brand-new look for each step of your routine: Toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturiser. That’s not all—the brand has also recently revamped the look of the line because great skincare doesn’t have to look drab. It is available to purchase now.


7. The K-beauty brand La’ Piel Labs has launched in Malaysia

If you’re looking for your next venture into the world of K-beauty, we’ve got you covered. La’ Piel Labs has announced its entry into our beauty market, and your introduction to the brand will come through its very own Aqua De Lucir series.

Placing hydration and anti-ageing at the forefront, the collection has harnessed the powers of blue-green algae. There are five products in the collection, each of which works to repair damaged skin, protect against blue light, and strengthen the skin barrier. The lineup is as follows:

  • Signature Ampoule
  • Hydro Enrich Cream
  • Hydro Expert Gel
  • Hydro Softner Water (Toner)
  • Hydro Softner Spray (Toner)

Not to mention, the products are all cruelty-free and sustainably sourced, so you can keep a clean conscience as you treat your skin.


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