La Mer Celebrates World Oceans Day

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By Terry Saw

La Mer Celebrates World Oceans Day

La Mer certainly is no stranger when it comes to protecting the ocean habitats. In fact, for the past decade, the brand, which has the sea at the very core of its inspiration and products, has actively supported ocean explorers from the National Geographic Society (plus two new explorers in 2015), whilst stepping up to drive global ocean conservation efforts (donating over US2.6 million to the cause since 2008).

This year, in celebration of World Oceans Day, which takes places annually on June 8th, La Mer reveals a new limited edition design for the prestigious Crème de la Mer. For the first time, the jar is inscribed with ‘Blue Heart – as a shout-out to the brand’s ongoing commitment to protecting the ocean, ultimately, the blue heart of our planet. Oh, and if you’re wondering – La Mer only uses sea kelp that has been sustainably hand-harvested across all its products.  

La Mer World Oceans Day 2015, RM1,750 is now available at counters. Click here for more details.

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