12 Times Kim Go Eun proved that an all-natural beauty look is all she needs


By Wei Yeen Loh

12 Times Kim Go Eun proved that an all-natural beauty look is all she needs

Netflix hit series The King: Eternal Monarch has finally come to an end, and while we dissect the final episode and pore over all the outfits Lee Min Ho rocked throughout the series, a deserving shoutout goes to the amazingly talented lead actress, Kim Go Eun.

The 29-year old actress has racked a stellar repertoire on her own, sweeping awards for her debut role in erotic film adaptation A Muse back in 2012. Kim has since appeared in a string of movies and TV series, from Goblin (2016) to romance film Tune in for Love (2019).

On the beauty front, Kim’s stunning natural features set her apart from her peers in the industry, where Western beauty ideals (3D features, double eyelids and impeccably high nose bridge) typically reign. Repping a fresh-faced beauty look as her signature, it’d be hard-pressed to find the star wearing a bold eye or lip—but we aren’t complaining.

Ahead, we compiled Kim Go Eun’s best on-screen beauty moments, from her tousled, copper waves in Cheese In The Trap to her unconventionally chic wedding look in Goblin.

The King: Eternal Monarch

In this series, Kim’s headstrong character, Jeong Tae Eul, has her own signature beauty move that doubles as a nuanced gesture: tying her hair up in a ponytail indicates that things are about to go down (aka she’s about to kick butt). That said, she makes the messiest of ponytails look effortless.

But when she lets her hair down, she does so breezily—with curtain bangs and loose waves. This slow-mo GIF is all the proof you need.

Kim sports hardly a stitch of makeup in this shot, with her flawless skin and straight locks (and that intense expression) taking centre stage.

We love her subtle makeup look here: filled-in brows for a natural look, smudged brown eyeshadow, a hint of liner and coral lip colour.

Inspector Jeong ups the ante as Lee Gon’s ‘bodyguard’ in this episode, sporting a don’t-mess-with-me look comprising a warrior-esque braided ponytail and MLBB lip gloss.

Switching things up with a smidgen of mascara and pink lip gloss—but not forgetting a luminous pink flush to complement her look.

Tune In For Love

Kim’s character, Kim Mi-soo, dons a cute ribboned headband with her short, layered tresses—a ’90s lewk that we stan.

She sticks to what works best for her here—loose, mid-length waves aka the ‘Korean’ digital perm that all of us vie for.


In one of the most heart-rendering scenes of the series, Kim’s jaunty smile and fresh-faced visage was probably what made us (and also Gong Yoo’s character, Kim Shin) fall for her in a heartbeat.

Fast forward to a decade later, Kim sports a chic, wavy bob and middle part, with loose tendrils framing her face.

Our favourite beauty moment of the entire series has to be Ji Eun Tak’s wedding look. Proving that you don’t have to have long hair for a bridal look, Kim’s minimally-styled hairdo was embellished with buckwheat flowers—a symbolic element as it represents ‘lover’.

Cheese in the Trap

In her debut role for television series Cheese in the Trap, Kim’s character, Hong Seol, rocks a fiery mop of curls with the help of frizzy extensions. “At first, I couldn’t even go to sleep because the pieces would pull on my hair. Plus I had to brush it literally every minute so that it wouldn’t get tangled,” she said here. “But as many drama fans loved the look, I overcame the pain with a sense of fulfilment.”

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