K-beauty secrets: How to really ace the dewy look

A few goodies are all you need


By Terry Saw

K-beauty secrets: How to really ace the dewy look

What’s trending in Korean beauty right now?

“For Korean women, it’s still about having that really beautiful, clear and radiant complexion. Recently, the trend has also extended to achieving a naturally brighter complexion with the help of skincare products and makeup. Also, it’s about accentuating your key features using the BB cushion foundation – using a lighter shade on the cheek area and applying a layer on the lips to achieve an instant gradient effect.”

 What is key to achieving a really flawless, dewy complexion?

“The idea here is to focus on having really healthy, clear and radiant skin. As much as diet and your lifestyle play a huge part, in the mean time, you can also use makeup to enhance your complexion.

“I recommend the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening on areas that has slightly darker shades from the rest of your skin namely under the eyes, sides of the nose, smile lines and the temples. This helps even out the skin tone for a natural-looking, smooth complexion.”

Oily skin is quite a major concern in this climate – how do women with this concern achieve that dewy (not shiny) radiance?

“If you have oily skin, start by applying a small amount of translucent loose compact powder – gently pat it on using a cushion, focusing just on your T-zone, sides of the nose and the hairline, basically the key areas prone to shine. Then apply the Perfecting Cushion Brightening – this doesn’t add layers of product to your face, but actually helps to control excess sebum, plus it has a soft matte finishing that is ideal for all skin types, including oily skin. That way, your skin will have a fresh, dewy finish, minus the shine.”

What’s a quick trick to instantly brightening the face?

1.    Apply a layer of Perfecting Cushion Brightening on the face.

2.   Using one shade lighter than your normal colour (of Perfecting Cushion Brightening), mark a W-point on areas: below your eyes to the temples and below your eyes to the bridge of the nose. Gently dab product on these key areas and blend well. This will instantly brighten your look and give features a ‘lifting’ effect.”

Lastly, how do we make the trend humidity-proof in this climate?

“In a hot and humid weather like this, it would be challenging to apply a makeup base because it doesn’t adhere as well to the skin as it should, making it difficult for makeup to stay on and really stay fresh all day.

“What you can do is chill a bottle of Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid Moisturising Lifting Mist in the fridge. Spritz this onto the Aircell cushion puff of the Perfecting Cushion Brightening before applying the product onto your face. This will bring down the temperature of the skin, leaving it with a fresh cooling sensation, plus help the product to really work on your skin now that it has a window of time where the skin is at a calmer state where it’s ready to absorb the product.”

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