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Watch: Izara Aishah picks up new beauty tricks on accentuating her features


By Wei Yeen Loh

Watch: Izara Aishah picks up new beauty tricks on accentuating her features

Last year, we took a trip to Seoul with Tom Ford Beauty to glean the hype behind the first and latest cushion compact from the brand—the Traceless Touch Satin Matte Cushion Compact. Apart from testing out the product, we also picked up a few tricks of the trade thanks to a makeup masterclass hosted by Tom Ford Beauty, where we learned all about the brand’s approach to beauty.

A flawless look doesn’t necessitate a pile of makeup products. According to Tom Ford himself, all you really need is flawless skin and symmetric definition. To break down what that literally means, we thought what better way to demonstrate the appearance of symmetry than with a beauty walk-through with actress Izara Aishah?

Tip 1: Enhance the natural bone structure of the face by defining the features—this also helps create a more symmetrical look. Use a contour colour to shade the underside of the cheekbones, jaws, and along the hairline at the temples. Then, highlight the top of the cheekbones, brow bone, and the centre of the nose for a subtle, illuminated effect.

Tip 2: Give the skin a flawless canvas for a radiant look. Use a cushion compact that offers great coverage, hydration and also SPF for UV protection.

Tip 3: The final touches to a balanced, symmetrical look is a set of well-groomed brows. Gently fill in brows to create a softly arched shape, then finish your look with a favourite lipstick colour.


Products used in the video:

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Videography: Nicholas Chin/2117.co

Art direction and styling: Loh Wei Yeen

Makeup: KF Bong

Hair: Ckay Liow

Assisted by: Chong Yi Suen

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