Iris Law on getting that perfect flick and full brows with Burberry Beauty’s latest

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Iris Law on getting that perfect flick and full brows with Burberry Beauty’s latest

To say that Iris Law is genetically blessed is an understatement. The 16-year old British model certainly inherited her good looks from parents Jude Law and Sadie Frost—so it comes to little surprise that she is once again the face Burberry Beauty’s latest eye makeup. The Burberry Cat Eye Liner is a dual-ended pen that makes it easy to create a perfect cat-eye effect, while the Full Brows is an all-in-one tool for full and flawless brows. Below, the beauty ambassador fills us in on her eyeliner and brow routine along with what she loves about both products:


When and where do you wear eyeliner and what’s your preferred look?

Iris: Sometimes I’ll wear eyeliner on a casual occasion or sometimes to go out to a dinner or something more dressed up. I feel that, like any make-up, you can simply adjust eyeliner according to the occasion. I usually do quite humble flicks that go across the lash line and have small fine corners. I sometimes use a red lip liner, like Burberry Lip Definer in Military Red (No.09), to make a thicker flick, which is great to accentuate the eye colour if you have blue or green eyes.


Cat Eye Liner comes in two shades, Jet Black (No.01) and Chestnut Brown (No.02). Which of these do you use, when and where?

Iris: I really like both and haven’t yet come to a conclusion of when and where to use the different colours. I suppose you could say the chestnut brown would be good for more casual occasions but I think it can also be very striking. 


Does your artistic flair help you to apply make-up more creatively?

Iris: I’m sure it does. I picked up on how to ‘flick’ eyeliner quite quickly but I still sometimes lose practice if I don’t do it for a while. 


How would you describe using Cat Eye Liner versus painting and drawing?

Iris: I’m always moaning when I’m painting that I can’t find a thin enough paintbrush to add details, so the Cat Eye Liner is definitely much more precise and refined.

What do you like most about new Burberry Cat Eye Liner?

Iris: The ease of use and, similar to Full Brows, the buildable look: from subtle to more accentuated. I also love the precision you can get with the flick and the way it doesn’t smudge or budge when you wear it out. 


When and where do you use it?

Iris: I wear Cat Eye Liner mainly when I’m going out but I’ve used it for all different occasions – you can wear it whenever you want.


Do you have any secret eyeliner tips?

Iris: I find that eyeliner is really great for filling in gaps between lashes and making them look fuller at the roots.


Eye make-up applied before or after Skin Essentials?  

IrisBurberry Face Contour under the eye and in the crease of the eye. Sometimes I’ll apply a small amount of highlighter to the centre of the lid and, if I’m not doing flicks with the Burberry Cat Eye Liner, I’ll also use it to fill in the gaps between the roots of my lashes.


Can you describe your eyebrow routine?

Iris: I don’t pluck or thread my eyebrows, I usually just brush them upwards or into shape, depending on what mood I’m in, using some hairspray on an old mascara brush. I never really used make-up on my eyebrows because I couldn’t find the right one, and I felt as though it made my eyebrows look overly filled in. But, when I tried Burberry Full Brows in Ash Brown (No.03) it looked so natural that it liked it. I mainly just used the water-based liner. 


How do you care for your brows?

Iris: I’m happy with the shape of my natural brows, so I suppose I don’t actively have to care about them. But I do care about the colour, which is why Burberry Full Brows changed my view about using eyebrow make-up on myself. In my opinion, the colour range is very natural and doesn’t change the colour of your brows, it just complements and perfects them.

Seeing as you’re an artist, and we think Full Brows can be used in the same way as a watercolour to draw and paint the brows from a natural to a more defined look, has your artistic side influenced the way you use and experiment with make-up?

Iris: I definitely try to do something experimental with any new make-up, just to test its limits. For example, I dotted Full Brows between my bottom lashes and it made them look fuller and more separated. It turned out pretty good but I need more practice. 


Do you feel your artistry has helped you apply make-up better and more creatively, using methods such as more precise brushstrokes?  

Iris: I would like to say it has but I think it’s more influenced my colour choice and creativity in ideas. Watching professionals do my make-up has probably helped with the technique side of applying my make-up the most.


How would you describe using this product versus painting and drawing?

Iris: When I do my watercolours, I use a tiny kit with a brush that’s very similar. I do see a lot of similarities between the products and this makes applying make-up a really enjoyable little ritual. 


What are your brow tips? 

Iris: Don’t overdo it.


Burberry Cat Eye and Full Brows will be available this 15 August 2017 at all Burberry counters in Parkson Pavilion, Isetan KLCC, Sephora in KLCC and 1 Utama.


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