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In new light: Gabrielle Chanel Essence is Chanel’s most expressive fragrance to date


By Wei Yeen Loh

In new light: Gabrielle Chanel Essence is Chanel’s most expressive fragrance to date

The Gabrielle Chanel Essence is opulence personified-a warm fragrance through and through, both the bottle and formula are reinvented for an enigmatic expression.

There is something incredibly moving that comes with laying one’s personality bare. It speaks of liberation and inner strength, not to mention a passion in embracing one’s identity without compromise. Such is Gabrielle Chanel Essence-the reiteration of the 2017 Gabrielle Chanel fragrance; a tribute to Coco Chanel before she was Coco Chanel.

A reinvention that’s no less vibrant with a dash of decadence, the Gabrielle Chanel Essence is a new olfactory variation that celebrates the freedom of expressing one’s mind.

“With Gabrielle Chanel Essence, I wanted to cut to the essentials, to the heart of the fragrance and reaffirm it with a more voluptuous trail.” Olivier Polge, Perfumer-Creator at Chanel

You can expect the same exceptional blooms from Grasse in the Gabrielle Chanel Essence-specifically, four white flowers carefully picked and revered by the house of Chanel. Tuberose for its creamy, velvety warm scent; jasmine to heighten its intensity, ylang-ylang from Comoros to add a hint of radiance, and Tunisian orange blossom for a fresh finish.

What makes the Gabrielle Chanel Essence different from its original predecessor lies in the formula-revisited by Polge himself. Notes of citrus and red berries give it a tang, while base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and white musk leave a voluptuous, sensual trail to the fragrance.

The Gabrielle Chanel Essence is a beauty in its own right. The beveled bottle is made of ultra-thin glass that has four transparent sides that taper into the background, allowing light to pour through to illuminate the golden hue of the fragrance. The formula is warmer and more ambery, echoing the new shade of gold that’s spotted on the label and bottle stopper. The previous lamé is eschewed for an intense shade of gold, leaving for a perfectly luxurious silhouette that toes the line between elegance and luminosity.

Now, you can revel in this faceted perfume with a complete range comprising Gabrielle Chanel Essence Hair Mist and Moisturising Body Lotion-fragrance layering has never looked this good. The reinvented fragrance also comes in a variety sizes that would fit your to-go bag and traveling kit perfectly: twist & spray, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

Who worthier than golden girl Margot Robbie as the face of this redolent fragrance? The award-winning actress and producer shares her take on the Gabrielle Chanel Essence here:

What’s your relationship with fragrance?

“Like so many girls, I grew up seeing my mum’s perfumes on her counter and they always seemed like a symbol of a woman. I knew that, one day, I would grow up and be able to wear it: I felt like the day I started wearing fragrance I would know who I was. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that it’s really a means of self-expression. And there’s such a strong association with memory. It’s cool to look back and see how your tastes evolve as your personality does.”

Is it true that you wear a different fragrance for every role you play?

“Yes. I pick a fragrance for every character I play because I feel that certain smells can transport you to a time and place, or create a specific feeling. I like to be able to differentiate my characters, to place them in the timeline of my life. When I go on set and apply the fragrance, I find it’s easier to get into character. It’s a very powerful tool!”

Gabrielle Chanel is perhaps the most personal of the Chanel fragrances because it bears its creator’s name. How does that make you feel?

“I think Gabrielle Chanel, the woman, means so many things to so many people. The House has explored different facets of her life and personality through fragrance but to me Gabrielle Chanel Essence feels like her truest self. The fragrance feels like it cuts to exactly who she was as a woman. If feels direct but a sense of effortless elegance. The scent feels vibrant, opulent, like it captures both the woman and the House in its entirety. It’s very specific, inviting and warm. You instantly understand who Chanel is.”

Did Gabrielle Chanel Essence teach you anything about Chanel that maybe you didn’t know before?

“Even before I started working with Chanel, I always associated the name with the height of luxury. Elegance. Timelessness. There was this sense of history. Now that I know the House on a more personal level, it means something more intimate to me. But I also feel incredibly lucky to participate behind the scenes and experience the archives. I feel like I’m a part of the extended family.”

What makes Gabrielle Chanel Essence the right fragrance for you?

“I think you know immediately when a fragrance is ‘you’. There are so many fragrances I distinctly associate with other people, but they’re not necessarily for me. Gabrielle Chanel Essence feels incredibly feminine and powerful. It feels warm. It has a creaminess, radiance and an effortless quality that I associate with Chanel. I especially love tuberose, which was already present in Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum, but for Gabrielle Chanel Essence it’s been showcased even more. To me, this is a fragrance with force of character. It feels distinct. It feels vibrant.”

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