Hair wash: 3 secrets to finally getting it right

Wash and rinse


By Terry Saw

Hair wash: 3 secrets to finally getting it right

One size does not fit all

As the saying goes, there are no ugly people, only lazy ones! To this, Anderson says, “People often think using one shampoo is good enough, which is far from the truth! In actual fact, when it comes to a good hair wash, you’ll need two types of shampoos to begin with, before moving on to a proper and complete hair care system, which is customised to your needs. This usually includes a conditioner, serum and a weekly mask, depending on the condition of your hair.”

Keyword: Double cleanse

“Double cleansing literally is washing your hair twice – starting with a scalp care shampoo, followed by your hair care shampoo. These two products are formulated for very different and targeted reasons, which is why this shouldn’t be seen as an additional step in your routine, but a necessary one, depending on your hair and scalp concerns. Always consult a professional hairstylist for a scalp analysis and hair check to determine what works best for you.”

Go easy on the styling

“Yes, this directly affects the results of your hair wash, and your hair quality. Frequent styling from products, heat tools or backcombing will cause stress and friction to your hair. What you can do is work in a good conditioner or hair mask through sections of your hair, even before you wet it. This protects the hair cuticle and reduces the friction from tangles caused by styling products.

“If your hair is highly damaged, I recommend applying the Kerastase Soin Premier Therapiste conditioner first as a first step of protection for the hair. Trust me, your hair will thank you for it!”

Anderson’s recommended solutions

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