Top 4 cream face masks on our beauty shelf right now

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Top 4 cream face masks on our beauty shelf right now

With the various types of face masks available from beauty brands nowadays, we won’t be surprised if you’re unsure of which suits you best and how each type of face mask can help your skin. But let’s start with the basics of perhaps the most widely available type: cream-based face masks.

Often marketed as hydrating masks, cream-based face masks contain oils and extracts aim to soften your skin. They also are available with properties targeted to help a certain skin concern, such as whitening masks to lighten your complexion, and exfoliating masks that include ground nut hulls to scrub out dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

A note of precaution with exfoliating masks: Try to avoid face masks or even cleansers that contain microbeads as these plastic particles do not dissolve and can pose as a threat and pollutant to aquatic life in the ocean.

Here are our beauty shelf picks for cream-based face masks, depending on your skin type and concern:

For those who have oily/combination skin

Just because you’re susceptible to an oily T-zone and occasionally have breakouts in that area, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from cream-based face masks when you’re shopping. Sisley Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins has a concoction of clay and tropical resins (myrrh, incense, benzoin) for deep-purifying. Enlarged pores and impurities begone, thanks to the astringent properties of this mask.


For those with dull and clogged skin

It’s hard to keep your skin squeaky clean and bright whether on the surface on within your pores, not when your skin is objected to the congested city air day in and out. Simple cleansing isn’t always as effective in strengthening your skin, so try out Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque. As per its name, the natural active ingredients protects your skin against environmental aggressors, resulting in renewed and radiant skin.


For a quick replenishing boost

No time to spare for a pampering DIY-mask session at home? Whip on Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish to release a boost of moisturisation with a chockful of hydrating emollients, natural oils and water: Coral Grass to distribute moisture, Chlorella Extract, a natural super green algae to increase collagen production, and Muru Muru Butter to repair your skin’s natural barrier.

Tip: Apply on skin and allow to absorb for 2-5 minutes. Tissue off excess product and gently massage the remaining mask into skin. Use as needed for intense moisturization and three times weekly.


For a mask and scrub in one

It doesn’t get any more convenient than this—a two-in-one mask with exfoliating properties in the form of Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. The turmeric extract in this formula helps to brighten lackluster skin with its strong antioxidant and sebum balancing properties, while the crushed cranberry seeds serve as a gentle exfoliator to smoothen our dull complexion. Talk about getting an instant facial!


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