Future-proof your skin with the new Sisley Supremÿa Baume La Nuit

Night watch


By Terry Saw

Future-proof your skin with the new Sisley Supremÿa Baume La Nuit

If there was one beauty category, which deserves more credit than it’s getting, it is night creams. This unsung beauty hero works overtime with your skin while you sleep every night to relentlessly repair a host of damage caused by daytime aggressors and resets your skin back to its natural state. It is especially important because night creams are targeted treatments designed specifically to repair your skin at night, and contains benefits you may not necessarily get from a day cream or a serum, which have their own beauty roles to play.


On our radar this week, is the new Supremÿa Baume La Nuit: a new potent anti-ageing solution by Sisley and here’s why – as its price tag would suggest – you’re in for an indulgent treat:

It’s a luxurious pampering treat for your skin

Perfect for dry skin or skin that is fatigued by stress and damaged by environmental conditions, the Supremÿa Baume La Nuit dutifully compensates the skin with a cocktail of powerful active ingredients – think of it as an almost spa-like experience for your complexion each night.

Its anti-ageing technology effectively ‘erases’ the past

Now, who doesn’t appreciate a clean slate – even  if it’s for the skin? Infused with the Phyto-Complex LC12 (short for a combination of four skin-loving plant-based active ingredients), the formula is designed to work at night to strengthen skin cells and amp up the skin’s renewal process day after day.

It gives your skin’s moisture levels a boost

The formula also features eight active key ingredients to deliver ultimate moisture to your skin so what you’re getting is a suppler, younger-looking complexion come morning.

It is rich in skin-loving oils

Which explains its rich texture – the cream is packed with natural oils to limit moisture loss, which is usually higher during the night. So, your skin is really only getting what it needs to look best when you wake up.  

1.    Hazelnut oil is laced with Omega 6 and 9 to intensely nourish the skin to keep it soft and comfortable all night long.

2.   Kokum butter contains high levels of emollient to revitalise and protect the skin while you sleep.

3.   Macadamia Oil is one of the richest oils that helps restructure, nourish, soothe and soften matured skin.

What you can instantly expect, is to experience immediate skin comfort and a complexion that is visibily suppler for hours. Of course, no deluxe experience comes without keepsake packaging: the multi-faceted jar in shimmering glass is weighty and is topped with a touch of gold for just the right amount opulence to earn a rightful place in your beauty regime and on your vanity desk.

Sisley Supremÿa Baume La Nuit, RM2,502 for 50ml is now available at all Sisley counters nationwide.

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