Friday the 13th: Beauty blunders to avoid on this unlucky day

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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Friday the 13th: Beauty blunders to avoid on this unlucky day

Don’t let this upcoming Friday the 13th ruin you—ahead, find all the beauty superstitions to heed… lest you be left with regrets aplenty.

In case you forgot, this Friday is the 13th of October, which means bad luck across the board. Now, you can’t turn the tides on fate but you can lower your risk of lasting consequences.

That’s why we’ve rounded up all the beauty-related things you should avoid on this ill-omened day—from getting a major hair makeover to avoiding a botched tattoo, these high-risk beauty behaviours are best avoided to stave off any potential blunders:


Superstition #1: Cutting your hair


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It should come as no surprise that cutting your hair is a no-go on Friday the 13th. Really, the risk of a bad haircut is multiplied tenfold on the day of double whammies. Why would you risk it when all odds are against you?

Not to mention, plucking is generally frowned upon on Friday the 13th too, so if you get the urge to tackle your stray greys, try to hold off for another day. Or else, like the Hydra, three grow back in its place. Personally, we’d rather reach for the root dye instead!

If you simply cannot reschedule your hair appointment, then make sure it is being disposed of correctly. Specifically, make sure to burn your cut hair—according to the legends, throwing it away brings bad luck!

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Superstition #2: Dyeing your hair


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On the topic of terrible tresses, if you had plans for a big hair makeover scheduled for this Friday, put a pin in it. When going blonde (or blue, red, green, or any other colour of the rainbow), you need luck on your side. Anything can go wrong during the process, no matter how healthy your virgin hair is when you start out. From overprocessed bleach to bad colour mixes, it’s best to save your dye jobs for when your luck stat is turned up to 10.

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Superstition #3: Eyebrow shaping


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Do we really have to explain this one? When it comes to your face framers, there is no room for bad luck to loom. Whether your skin rips off during a wax (more common and less gory than you think!) or you’re left with any combination of wonky, overplucked, or unruly eyebrows, there are so many things that can go wrong. Do yourself a favour and put down the tweezers—at least until further notice.

Couldn’t resist and are now facing the consequences? No worries—you can always consult our guide to fixing bad brows.

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Superstition #4: Getting inked


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Again, tattoos have too many moving parts to risk getting on the unluckiest day of the year. From botched artwork to bad infections and beyond, you really don’t want bad juju surrounding you while you’re getting inked.

That said, some artists are tough to book, so if you’re going to get inked regardless of the day, at least try to avoid the expert-cited tattoo taboos: The names of girlfriends or boyfriends, phrases in a language you don’t speak, and tattoos of your animal zodiac.

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Superstition #5: Getting manicured


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Is your growout getting dire? In need of a trim, file, and fresh coat of polish? You may want to hold off ’til the day is over. Why?

In some cultures, Fridays are considered to be an auspicious day—a day of rest. As such, these communities believe that grooming practices like cutting your nails or hair should be avoided out of respect for the occasion. That said, other cultures believe Friday to be the best day for a manicure, while Tuesdays or Saturdays are scorned. Ultimately, this one is up to your discretion.


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