Dark lips for every skin tone is a do!

A nod to Noir


By Terry Saw

Dark lips for every skin tone is a do!

From celeb-ville to the world, 50 (or more) shades of every dark, plum, berry or goth-inspired colour you can think of are literally what’s on everyone’s lips. And the good news is that dark lipsticks flatter almost every skin tone. But before you pop the champers on this party head-turner, here are some tips to making the look more Bordeaux beauty, less Halloween getup.

Skin tone: Fair

If you have porcelain skin and are new to the trend, ease into it with a berry lip stain instead of going for the full Rihanna. Tip: Prep with a light layer of lip balm before using your finger to pat colour onto your lips for a matte finish. A berry stain is also perfect for day so you won’t have to worry about a colour change for night.

Try: Diorific Mat – Christmast Limited 2015 Limited Edition in 750 Fabuleuse


Quick note for the more adventurous: a slightly bolder colour – think a deeper shade of red – complements darker hair and fair skin. Tip: Unlike the stain, you’ll want fuller, richer colour here, so the trick is to exfoliate with a lip scrub or using a warm washcloth before applying lipstick for a smooth finish.

Try: Covergirl Outlast Longwear Lipstick in Red Revenge 920


Take things a step further once you’re comfortable with the trend by debuting a show-stopping deep red-purple lip. Tip: A dramatic dark lip is a great transformation for evening or night events but the look may require some level of maintenance, so opt for an ultra-moisturising formula and fade-free choices like our recommended pick, which comes in five different finishes so you won’t have to worry about touchups.

Try: Lancome Colour Design in 390 Into the Rapture 


Skin tone: Medium


We weren’t kidding about the dark lip working on most skin tones – including Asian skin with yellowish undertones – and here’s proof! Tip: Deep reds and purples pop beautifully against Asian skin, as Jamie Chung discovers. The trick is to keep the rest of your makeup minimal so you’re making only one, but very strong, statement with your look. 

Try: YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in 3 Brun Cachemire 


Skin tone: Tan


“Rihanna gets away with anything,” you say, and we hear you. But she is also walking proof that you can pull off a dark lipsticks even if you have very tanned skin. Tip: Have fun with it! You can even go for deeper shades from any red-berry-plum-purple spectrum because they complement your skin in a big way. Big hoop earrings, wavy hair, Bantu knots, choker, eyeliner and the works – optional. After all, she is Queen Riri.

Try: MAC Cosmetics Huggable Lipcolour in Commotion

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