Why Cosme Decorte’s new lotion and emulsion is the moisture-packing duo you need

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Why Cosme Decorte’s new lotion and emulsion is the moisture-packing duo you need

Not a fan of emulsion and lotion—or anything extra apart from cleanser and moisturiser—for its sticky, weighted feeling on your skin? Enter Cosme Decorté’s new Prime Latté (emulsion milk) and Vita de Rêve (lotion), both formulated with botanical oils and extracts that hydrate your skin without leaving a tacky residue. Below, we make a case for this new pre-moisturising duo:


A host of botanical ingredients to impart major goodness to your skin

Cosme Decorté Prime Latté’s standout ingredient is avocado oil, known for its high level of essential fatty acids that support barrier function. It also contains oils of olive, lavender, sage and rosehip—all emollients that soften skin, strengthen immunity and promote skin regeneration.

Cosme Decorté Vita de Rêve’s four botanical extracts include sage, perilla leaf, wild thyme and rosemary water—essentially moisturising agents that have nourishing properties, be it anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial. 

Both work in tandem for quick absorption and moisturisation

Like its bestselling Liposome Treatment Liquid, the Prime Latté has a quick-absorbing texture to boost the effects of products used after it. It caters best for skin that’s dry or that require a balance between oil and hydration. The Vita de Rêve however, is suitable for skin prone to problems resulting from changes in the environment/weather, with a botanical blend that penetrates quickly to promote a higher-resistant skin barrier.


In case you need an extra boost of hydration…

We love skincare products that you have multifunctional properties. And in this case, the Vita de Rêve doubles up as a mask if your skin requires a dose of pampering. After applying the Prime Latté emulsion, fill a container with Vita de Rêve and place a mask inside. Once the mask has soaked up the product, unfold and apply it over your face. A good five to 10 minutes will leave your skin glowing. 


Cosme Decorté Prime Latté (RM185) and Vita de Rêve (RM185) are available at all Cosme Decorté counters nationwide.


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