Cosme Decorté hits the target with the new Whitelogist whitening duo

Cosme Decorté hits the target with the new Whitelogist whitening duo

Two is better than one

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Cosme Decorté's Whitelogist range is all about an effective, fuss-free treatment

When it comes to whitening treatments, it's essential to look for products that are targeted to specific problem areas on your skin. But if you haven't found the whitening range of your fancy just yet, take on the new Cosme Decorté Whitelogist duo for a quick and easy, fuss-free method to getting fairer skin.

Cosme Decorté hits the target with the new Whitelogist whitening duo (фото 1)

Cosme Decorté Whitelogist MX is a whitening serum that targets melanocytes deep within the skin, hence preventing the formation of dark spots and uneven skin tone. What makes this serum stand out is its addition of Kojic acid-an active whitening ingredient that's been used in Cosme Decorté's whitening products for over 20 years. The Whitelogist MX stops the production of melanin with Kojic acid, thus preventing liver spots from becoming darker and imbuing antioxidants for healthier beautiful skin.


We've heard of blush sticks, concealer sticks and highlighter sticks. But Cosme Decorté's Whitelogist Stick Serum is the first of its kind that imparts serum on on targeted areas to whiten liver spots. The best part is that the smooth application doesn't leave a stick feeling right after. This star product also has antioxidants alongside Kojic acid, including Astaxanthin and Vitamin C for brighter skin, and Botanical Squalane as a moisturising agent.


Tip: Apply Cosme Decorté Whitelogist Serum on cleansed skin after face lotion twice a day (in the morning and evening). Apply Cosme Decorté Whitelogist Stick Serum on skin after the Whitelogist Serum is fully absorbed. Use circular motions to apply the product from the tube directly on dark spots and freckles. 


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