Combining science and natural therapy: Thann launches in Malaysia

Nature for your skin in a jar


By Wei Yeen Loh

Combining science and natural therapy: Thann launches in Malaysia

Ever wondered where you could find that pleasantly scented shower cream that was provided during your stay at JW Marriott hotel? The good news is, you can find it here now that award-winning aromatherapy and skincare brand Thann has launched in Malaysia.


Established in Thailand since 2002, Thann’s products combine the art of natural therapy with modern dermalogical science. A popular brand you’ll find at various five-star hotels (such as Marriott hotels and resorts) and airport lounges around the globe, Thann is built upon two definitive touchstones—nature and technology, and this can be discovered through their use of extracts from natural ingredients such as Vitamin E from rice bran oil, Regenistem Rice extract from Himalayan red rice, and Nano Shiso extract from Japanese Shiso leaves. The brand is also recognised for being a specialist in the field of aromatherapy, producing essential oils that are preservatives- and paraben-free. 


“To stay relevant in this industry, our main feature would be to keep things natural. I think what nature has to offer is best,” says founder Tony Suppattranont. “Thann products are not composed only of natural components but also assured of quality.”

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Thann is now available at Asleep stores in Petaling Jaya and Publika and online at


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