Colourpop is releasing an Animal Crossing-themed collection—here’s every product you can look forward to


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Colourpop is releasing an Animal Crossing-themed collection—here’s every product you can look forward to

Islanders, get your wallets ready—there are 11 new beauty products you’re going to want in your beauty arsenal ASAP. Colourpop has secured a collaboration with none other than Nintendo, and their latest makeup collection is perfect for you quarantine queens out there.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons shot up in popularity when the first lockdown hit as quarantiners scrambled to fill the void their now-empty schedules. Just look anywhere on the web-sphere and you’ll find countless memes and op-eds describing exactly how the game saw entire communities through isolation.

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Anyway, almost a year has passed since the original quarantine (wild), and it’s safe to say that though the initial hype has dampened a bit, the game’s popularity is still going strong. Case in point: This makeup collaboration.

So, what exactly can we expect from this highly-anticipated launch? Ahead, find the full line-up:

There are four four-pan eyeshadow palettes to look forward to including the Nook Inc palette (mint-green), the 5 Star Island palette (pink), the Labelle of the Ball palette (lavender), and the What a Hoot palette (orange-peach). Each palette has a mix of formulas including matte, matte-sparkle, metallic, and pressed glitter. Further, each palette’s packaging features an adorable picture of its inspiration.

Next, we have the three lip tint duos—the Fruit Basket Lip Tint Duo includes two reddy-pink lip tints for those who love a classic beauty staple. The Fruit Roots Lip Tint Duo, on the other hand, features more of an orangey-red duo; perfect for beauty enthusiasts with warmer undertones. Finally, the Pick of the Bunch Lip Tint Duo is the duo for those looking to go full ’90s glam—the beautiful nude red-brown hues of the duo are a delightful pair.

For those of you looking for a little extra oomph in your makeup drawer, there are two more shadows for maximum impact. The Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow and Bellionaire Glitterally Obsessed. The former—a creamy, metallic pink and silver shadow—is highly pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about colour payoff. The latter—a glittery, gold jelly shadow—makes the task of working with glitter easier than ever thanks to its consistency.

Finally, we have our cheeky options—the Flower Power Blush and the Flower Tender Blush. The Flower Power blush is a sweet baby-pink inspired by the pink hybrid Cosmo Flower, and the Flower Tender is a gorgeous peach-coral inspired by an orange wildflower found on the island. Both pans are embossed with the silhouette of their inspirations—cute!

The collection is set to launch on Thursday, the 28th of January at 10am PST on the brand’s website. You can sign up now to be alerted as soon as it goes live.

PSST: If their Sailor Moon launch is anything to go by, you’ll want to have your wallets at the ready—it’s going to be an instant sellout!

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