All the beauty looks that slayed in Coachella this year

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By Wei Yeen Loh

All the beauty looks that slayed in Coachella this year

Festival beauty has never be done so right until this past weekend at Coachella, where concertgoers served up a melee of hair and makeup looks that gave extra a whole new meaning. This year’s bangin’ hairdo has got to be braids in every shape and form, easily overriding floral hair crowns and glitter roots as this year’s It-festival hairstyle. Supermodel Romee Strijd had pink hair ties weaved along her Dutch French braids while a dash of neon green lined her eyes (Look 4). Speaking of this colour trend, other unicorn hues took place in the form of rainbow locks (Look 16), Kylie Jenner’s eye-popping neon pink wig that complemented her equally popping highlighter (Look 22), and Rihanna’s crush-worthy, fluttery pink eyelashes (Look 23).

Apart from some throwback trends that we spotted (Look 14 – Bella Hadid’s scrunchie), facial crystal embellishments were a popular beauty must-have last weekend with glitter and rhinestones taking centre stage. Below, scroll through all the mind-blowing beauty looks we loved from weekend one of Coachella 2018:

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