What you need to know about Clinique’s new collaboration with Marimekko

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By Wei Yeen Loh

What you need to know about Clinique’s new collaboration with Marimekko

One constant you can expect from Clinique is their fun collaborations with quirky and niche labels across the board (last year’s Jonathan Adler collection was a summer hit if you remember). This month, they’re celebrating colour and kitsch the best way possible with a new limited edition range in collaboration with Finnish design house Marimekko. If you aren’t familiar with the popular Scandinavian brand, just know that it’s got a penchant for mixing and matching florals, vivid colours and graphic motifs to full effect. 

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Expect a lineup of makeup products decked in vibrant patterns and cheery hues that would spruce up your vanity kit. Another buzzworthy point is the new lip innovation that is introduced in this collection—the Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration, a moisturising and non-sticky lip gloss available in 20 gorgeous shades to match any outfit you have on. Alongside that, you can also find the Lip Colour + Primer that combines bold colour with primer for a weightless, 8-hour long finish. Below, we scored an interview with Melissa Knapp, Senior Vice President of Global Creative at Clinique on the collaboration and if there is such a thing as having too much colour:

1. What do you feel Marimekko and Clinique have in common as brands?

Clinique and Marimekko share a positive philosophy and a heritage of thinking differently.  Both brands were founded by pioneering women who dreamed up products that encouraged others to be bold, embrace uniqueness and think on the bright side. Marimekko has always reflected a marriage of creativity and function and I love the idea of pairing our simple, classic packaging with the surprise of Marimekko patterns to bring a smile into your everyday beauty routine. 


2. What are the most important characteristics of a brand that you look for in a potential collaboration partner?

It’s important for any partnership to feel authentic and to have a natural connection. We look for brands that share our positivity and empowering vision. We also look for partners that can bring a bit of unexpected joy to our brand.  


3. What do you think it is about colour and design that inspires happiness?

Well, first of all, there’s a science behind how color and environment affects your mood but without getting too lost in the psychology of it I think design plays a special role in allowing individuals to express who they are. Whether it’s what you wear or how you decorate your home, design and colour allow people to express their unique personalities.


4. Where do you find your inspiration for boldness and creativity?

A lot of my inspiration is found when I’m traveling but in today’s busy life, it’s easy to put that off.  Thankfully I live in New York where I have endless access to art, architecture, film, etc. but getting inspired isn’t only about being exposed to new things. It’s taking the time to allow yourself to absorb the little things around you whether it’s a video or an image online, a bold advertising campaign, or even a conversation with an inspiring friend.


5. In your opinion, is there such a thing as too much colour?

Well it depends…but we love colour at Clinique. It gives women the freedom to experiment and play. Colour can be a way of bringing happiness into your daily life—it adds a certain energy. That’s why we’re so excited for our partnership with Marimekko. You can’t help but smile when you see their bold colors and patterns paired up with our products.


Available at Sephora and Clinique stores in Mid Valley, Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid.

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