Clarins gives us its most powerful Double Serum yet



By Gwen Ong

Clarins gives us its most powerful Double Serum yet


With some 20 plant extracts and a key star ingredient, turmeric in the formulation, Clarins’ new Double Serum is touted as its most powerful and complete offering yet. Why? Well, to start with – the scientific discovery that the Clarins researchers made on the communication between cells. Call it the language of youthful skin.


Yes, our cells actually speak & listen

Generally, cells have a way of transmitting and receiving messages from each other, of which the skin’s five vital functions – regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection – are always kept working at optimum level. Hence, when there is a disruption to the cellular communication, the skin’s balance gets compromised and this can exacerbate the ageing process.


Now Clarins have identified a new area of interest in the cellular listening system – lipid microdomains that are linked to skin ageing. With a high level of cellular receptors, the microdomains make it possible for cells to “hear” messages from their environment and play a key role in maintaining youthful skin.


But the number of lipid microdomains decreases with age and coupled with the effect of UV rays and oxidative stress, the skin’s vital functions will not be as strong before. This is when you start to see signs of ageing like wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance as well as visible pores.

How does the Double Serum work?

For the latest Double Serum, the Clarins Laboratories has discovered the wonders of a new turmeric extract that contains a high concentration of turmerone. It is found to be effective in targeting the cell’s lipid microdomains to preserve its “listening” ability and also to enhance good cellular communication. As such, it works to optimise the skin’s five vital function’s proper functioning.


On top of that, the new Double Serum also features a mixture of other plant extracts to reinforce the skin from the cellular level. Among the plant extracts include:

• Myrothamnus extract and red jania along with organic green banana extract and avocado unsaponifiables to help skin’s regeneration;

 Teasel extract, organic goji berry extract, beautyberry extract and horse chestnut extract to improve cellular oxygenation;

 Organic kiwi extract and organic Mary’s thistle oil to improve cellular nutrition;

 Organic leaf of life extract, organic quinoa extract, organic marsh samphire extract and cocoa extract to reinforce skin’s barrier function and promote better hydration;

 Mango extract, huang qi extract, ginger lily extract and organic edelweiss extract to protect cells against damages caused by free radicals;

 Orthosiphon extract and organic oat sugars to help refine the skin’s texture by regulating sebum production and reducing pore size


If you’re wondering why ‘double formula’, the Double Serum contains some of the most potent anti-ageing plant extracts that are either soluble in water or in oil. So, two-third of the formula are water-based ingredients while one-third is oil based – a ratio that is similar to the skin’s hydrolipidic film, which makes the serum easily absorbed into the skin. 


Clarins Double Serum is priced at RM325 for 30ml and RM435 for 50ml.


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