Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown’s ‘Five Minute Makeup’

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By Terry Saw

Cheat Sheet: Bobbi Brown’s ‘Five Minute Makeup’

If you only have a few minutes in the morning, the ‘Five Minute Makeup’ routine is a great option because it has all the basics for a natural beauty look. Plus it’s quick and easy with these application tips:  


Minute 1: Moisturise

Begin by gently massaging moisturiser into the skin. It replenishes the skin with a boost of hydration and helps even out and soften the skin, ensuring a flawless makeup application. Then, apply concealer under the eyes for an instantly refreshed appearance. Concealer works by lightening under-eye darkness so use a skin-tone correct formula that’s one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Try: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, RM212 and Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, RM116

 Minute 2: Spot apply foundation


Apply only where skin needs to be evened out, usually around the nose and mouth areas. Foundation should make you look like you have even-toned, great-looking skin.

Try: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, RM155 each

Minute 3: Apply blusher

A pop of pink blush on the cheeks is a simple and quick way to instantly freshen up your look. It adds a hint of color and really makes the face come alive. To find your most flattering shade, pinch your cheeks and look at the color that they turn.

Try: Bobbi Brown Blush, RM103 each

 Minute 4: Enhance the eyes


Make your eyes stand out with two or three coats of very black mascara.

Try: Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara, RM103

Minute 5: Play up your lips

Apply lipstick or gloss in a shade that mimics the natural color of your lips for an instantly polished and pulled together look.

Try: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour, RM93

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Watch the video: Bobbi Brown does naturally-pretty in under two minutes!

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