Chanel Beauty Talks Episode #4: Lily-Rose Depp’s go-to gloss hue

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Chanel Beauty Talks Episode #4: Lily-Rose Depp’s go-to gloss hue

It could be surmised that Lily-Rose Depp is an exemplary muse that any youth of today (even  we daresay) would want to marvel at, whether the languid way she tosses her flaxen locks as she speaks, or her inimitable sense of effortlessness when it comes to her beauty routine—or at least, for the camera.


In Chanel Beauty Talks Episode 4, the 17-year old face of Chanel’s Rouge Coco Gloss chats candidly with Lucia Pica, both lying amidst strewn lip glosses that they occasionally pick out to discuss over. Fast forward to 1:27 to watch her try out a range of decadent hues from the collection, from nude and rose to red and berry, and what about the Rouge Coco Gloss that she finds extraordinary from the usual lip glosses:

If you’ve read our earlier piece on the new Rouge Coco Gloss, you probably already know of the three exclusive ‘top coats’ that can be layered above Chanel lipsticks for added texture and pigment. Below, watch Lucia and Lily try out all three top coats to find out how each effect will transpire—don’t miss out on the lip “highlighter” that guarantees a plumper pout:


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