Cardi B’s manicure matches her LV bag, Kendall x Kylie makeup collection is unveiled and more beauty news


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Cardi B’s manicure matches her LV bag, Kendall x Kylie makeup collection is unveiled and more beauty news

Cardi B has had an eventful week (in beauty). From chopping her locks off and dyeing it in varying shades of pink (and then blue) t0 matching her coffin nails to what seems to be her favourite Louis Vuitton tote bag, the rapper-songwriter is clearly on a roll. In other news, check out Britney Spear’s new bangs, Julianne Hough’s natural brunette locks and more headlines:

This week in Cardi B

Cardi B’s pink pixie cut is ethereal

…and the cheeky sneak peak of her revamped tattoo is a sight to behold too.

Cardi B gets three piercings in one session… because why not?

The results are unbelievable, but the process is even better. Watch the (painful) videos here:

Just one question on our end: You ok hun? Also: her pink pixie has turned blue, by the looks of it.

Cardi B gives her tattoo a big makeover

Turns out she’s had a bit of a thing for needles in the last few days, taking her time off to get everything done all at once. Here she’s given her peacock-themed tattoo a big makeover, courtesy of tattoo artist Jamie Schene.

Cardi B’s LV nails are really something else

Her caption says it all: “Ya like my nails ? LOUIS @chaunlegend”. Iconic.

This week in beauty releases

Kylie Cosmetics shows us a sneak peek of the new Kendall x Kylie collection

The beauty mogul announced her latest makeup collection in collaboration with her sister, with a release date set for June 26. The Kendall x Kylie collection boasts an eyeshadow palette, complexion sticks and more. “We have a lip blush kit that I’ve never done before, three face sticks—bronzer, highlight and blush—which I’ve also never done before, this amazing blotting powder and an amazing eye shadow palette,” said Kylie in a slew of Instagram stories as she unveiled the products. Also, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the rights and voices of black and trans people in support of Pride month.

Benefit Cosmetics’ new California Kissin’ ColorBalm is the tinted lip balm you never knew you needed

Inspired by—you know it—the sunny American state that’s home to Hollywood, Benefit Cosmetics’ new lip balms come in 12 full-colour shades and a moisturising formula made of wild mango butter and hyaluronic acid to keep lips hydrated up to eight hours.

Now available at Sephora.

Clef Skincare’s initiative to help migrant workers in this pandemic

Local sheet mask brand Clef Skincare is giving back to the community by donating hand sanitisers to migrant workers here in Malaysia. For every one bottle of hand sanitiser or two boxes of Clef Mask sold, one bottle of hand sanitiser will be donated to migrant workers in need—with a goal of 5,000 sanitisers to be contributed. Shop here.

This week in hair

It’s Britney(‘s bangs)

Um, 1999 called—it’s vibing. The singer’s new haircut is a few months in the making—she initially expressed her desire for some proper face-framing in an Instagram post in May. A month on and it looks like she’s finally taken the plunge!

Keke Palmer shares her excitement over her natural hair growth

The actress and singer celebrated her natural hair growth by tweeting a video of her bopping to her new track ‘thick’, with the caption ‘Hair is getting thick thick thick thick THICKKKK”. Can confirm: It all checks out.

Julianne Hough’s brunette locks leave her unrecognisable

Julianne Hough’s hair has had an eventful quarantine. She started with her signature blonde lob, went on to a pink dip-dye and, by the looks of it, has finally settled back into her natural brunette. She debuted her new look in her Share the Mic session in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This week in makeup-free selfies

Lady Gaga glows in her latest #makeupfree selfie

Lady Gaga’s golden hour glow is strong in this shot. From her clear skin to bold brows to her natural highlight–it’s a look.

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