#BizarreBeauty: Fishtail brows and other stories


By Wei Yeen Loh

#BizarreBeauty: Fishtail brows and other stories

Nose art


Makeup enthusiasts are now taking creative expression to a whole new level with the latest face art to hit Instagram: nose art. If you thought that art on the nails, eyes, cheeks were mind-blowing enough, pundits in the industry are upping the game with the cutest dash of graphic prints and lines over their nose bridges. While we love that nose art gives room for plenty of creativity when it comes to freehand makeup skills, we’re wondering this artsy trend is feasible at all for an everyday look. Try quirky motifs like fluffy clouds (seen on this Instagrammer) or faux freckles for a healthier, sun-kissed alternative to permanent dark spots. Wear it to this weekend’s Good Vibes Festival and don’t forget to complement it with kitschy head accessories.


Jelly nails


’90s kids would find this trend a kicker. Jelly everything is coming back in full force and while we’re still contemplating if jelly sandals (still) deserve a place in our hearts shoe closet, jelly nails are a thing now and we might just concede to this trend. Created with transparent acrylic nails in vivid neon shades for the ultimate jelly-like look, this trend has been nailed (#sorrynotsorry) by celebs including Kylie Jenner’s posse who showed off their extra long claws earlier this month on IG. For a fresh update, sprinkle some glitter or nail art on your see-through nails—statement-making, guaranteed.


DNA braids


If you thought that tie-dye hair and glitter roots are part of your list of trends you’d have to think twice before trying, try DNA braids that might just make its way up on that list. The latest braid trend to take over Instagram by storm, these braids literally resemble the structure of a double helix in a DNA molecule, and apparently takes more than 45 minutes to create (according to braid maestro Alexandra Wilson). But what makes it stand out from other trendier braids (such as Dutch braids or even waterfall braids) is how avant-garde it looks—likely something you see off a runway. Bonus points go to whoever manages to clinch this ‘do with the help of this quick IG tutorial.


Fishtail brows


Just when you thought that wacky brow looks can’t get any worst, fishtail brows are now a thing and we can’t decide if it’s stranger than the Nike eyebrow trend or squiggly ones that garnered major brow-raising. First introduced by beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan on Instagram, the kooky look was actually Photoshopped by a fellow Instagram user, who then copied and pasted the same brows on other celebs. If you thought this can’t be topped, check out her feed for even crazier virtual brows including a Mario Kart look.

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