8 Best musky fragrances to smell like your favourite rock star

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By Phyll Wu

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8 Best musky fragrances to smell like your favourite rock star

The smell of cigarettes, sweat and alcohol has never been sexier thanks to our heartthrob rock stars. Here are our top picks of fragrances that flawlessly emulate the alluring scent.

Whatever your musical preferences are, we all have that one (or several) rock star that we’ve had a feverish crush on since our teen years. They are anything but the typical beauty standard, they reek of cigarettes and often dress in the plainest fashion—but there’s something about their too-cool-to-care scruffy looks and edgy demeanor that are just so irresistible, not to mention their thrilling profession and incredible talents. Think Kurt Kobain and Alex Turner (who could forget his napkin letter to Alexa Chung), our knees are quivering just at the thought of them.

While we may not be lucky enough to live out our rock star GF fantasies, there are dozens of fragrances that come close to the experience, as if you’ve just been transported into a dimly lit studio filled with cigarette smoke and the smell of whiskey. Below, we’ve rounded up eight best fragrances to smell like your favourite rock star.

For a spot-on recreation of the scent, try Maison Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanielle, or Chopard’s Oud Malaki. Bad by Diesel, Chanel’s Cuir de Russie, and Kayali’s Invite Only Amber offers a similar scent but with subtle notes of citrus, while Le Labo’s The Noir 29 and Diptyque’s Orphéon has a smoother woody aroma with an air of sophistication.






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