Beauty buzz: Beauty YouTube is burning, Sephora officially goes fur-free


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Beauty buzz: Beauty YouTube is burning, Sephora officially goes fur-free

This week in hair

Kim Kardashian is now a certified redhead

After initially sharing her big transformation on her Instagram stories, the personality was accused of everything from wigs to extensions. However, it looks like the switch up from classic brown to bright red was the work of her stylist Chris Appleton. He reposted her videos to his Instagram, stating “Red head, it’s NOT a wig before you start with that sh*t.”

Kylie Jenner changes her hair colour again

Chris Appleton strikes again, sharing this snap of Jenner with her new chocolate-brown tresses. The reality star turned beauty mogul has been under fire a lot recently: First, after Forbes stripped her of her billionaire title, then after her alleged silence on the Black Lives Matter movement and, most recently, after allegations claimed that she wasn’t paying the factory workers in Bangladesh who produce garments for her Kendall + Kylie fashion brand.

JoJo Siwa went brunette and back

In a turn of unexpected events, Dance Moms alumni JoJo Siwa went brunette, only to go back blonde pretty much immediately after. Weird choice, but it suits her either way.

brown hair was fun…. but blonde is my thing!!!

This week in makeup

Sephora bans mink lashes

Following a barrage of complaints from over 280,000 shoppers as well as a targeted campaign from PETA, Sephora has made the decision to finally ban mink fur lashes. Instead, the brand will purchase synthetic and faux fur lashes in its place. Sephora is the latest beauty giant to join Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay and others in the fight against the fur industry.

Kim Kardashian is a billionaire… allegedly

Kim has apparently reached official billionaire status—she sold a US$200 million stake in KKW beauty this week to beauty giant Coty, who valued the company at US$1 billion. This news comes after her half-sister Kylie sold off a 51 per cent share in Kylie Cosmetics to Coty for a whopping US$600 million.

This week in tattoos

Madelaine Petsch is a tattoo artist now…

… albeit not a good one. The Riverdale star took to her Instagram stories to show her handiwork on Alex Fine. It’s definitely an interesting design, but the customer seemed pleased with it—which is all that matters! It’s unlikely that Petsch used her artistic abilities on herself as she has been quite outspoken against tattoos on herself, personally.

On that note: Please don’t do this at home. Just go to a professional.

This week in YouTube drama

Tati Westbrook “breaks her silence”

Apparently we can’t let last year’s drama die. Tati Westbrook is back again with the sequel to her 2019 ‘Bye Sister’ confession, only this time James Charles is off the hook while Jeffree Starr and Shane Dawson are under fire. If you don’t plan to watch the entire video (it’s a long one), here’s a summary: She claims that Starr and Dawson “used, coerced and manipulated” her into posting the original video to promote their makeup collaboration and goes on to explain that she’s now looking into legal action.

As far as her allegations go, the feedback has been skeptical. While Starr and Dawson have been called out repeatedly for racist and predatory behaviour, Westbrook’s confession has been said to be tone-deaf in the current social and economical climate. That said, some real tea has come out of this, with Dawson effectively having a temper tantrum over Instagram Live in response to the video. In conclusion, the beauty community is in shambles.

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