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#BuroBeautyDesk: The best March-haves that are sparking joy in our lives right now


By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroBeautyDesk: The best March-haves that are sparking joy in our lives right now

When it comes to perk-me-ups that rank high on the instant-gratification factor, nothing beats a handful of makeup and skincare picks that pack a punch. Coming from someone who tries and tests new products every other day (it’s part of the job!), stumbling upon a new shelf addition that actually delivers often makes me starry-eyed to this day.

Granted, my eczema-ridden skin might not react well at the idea of reviewing new products on the daily (the flare-ups are real and it’s not pretty), but it’s almost impossible to pass up an opportunity to revel in a beauty regime that incorporates a plethora of (old and new) products—especially at the end of a long and tiring day.

In celebration of International Day of Happiness on March 20, here’s a list of beauty things that have recently sparked joy in my everyday routine:

A lipstick that delivers.

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I’m picky with my lipsticks because my lips tend to develop dry patches when a lipstick’s formula is too drying, so it’s always a thrill to find new additions to my lipstick stash that can offer hydration and comfort without eschewing on colour. A recent favourite would be Givenchy Beauty’s new ‘couture’ lip balm—the Le Rose Perfecto. I love the minty, creamy texture on my lips, and that the sheer, tinted colour payoff lasted me through a meal (and after a wipe-down!). Another new pick would be the Chanel Rouge Coco Flash—colour and comfort in one, with a shiny, sheer-but-not-overly-so finish. Also, how awesome is it that they have an extensive colour palette?

Speaking of minty fresh…

I’m a sucker for anything that leaves my skin (or hair, in this case) tingly and refreshed-quite literally. If you totally get what I mean, you might fancy Sephora’s new Hair Cleansing Scrub that comes with peppermint and sea salt. The unique texture really does resemble clear salt crystals, but it smells great and does the job when it comes to purifying and rebalancing the scalp.

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Unconventional textures.

Another beauty must-have with a one-of-a-kind texture that I’d recently reviewed is Starskin’s Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding. In case you were wondering, “Orglamic” is actually a word they coined from “organic” and “glam”, although I’m not quite sure if that would fly. But yes, the texture is truly like a pudding—a shade of millennial pink, creamy but with a jelly-esque consistency, you can even use the tiny spoon that’s provided to easily scoop it out for application.

The formula (that’s packed with prickly pear cactus seed oil and hyaluronic acid) sinks wonderfully into the skin and leaves a glowing finish. I like to use this for a dewy makeup look—which is my go-to most of the time.

Monday’s mask-have.

Sheet masking is one of my favourite ways to indulge and unwind; I look forward to every other evening where I can kick back and let my skin soak up the nourishing goodness. I’m a new fan of Saturday Skin’s latest Cotton Cloud Probiotic Power Mask. It’s made of 100% natural microfiber which means that my skin will absorb everything the cottony sheet has to offer—which is a vitamin E, probiotic- and polyphenol-rich serum. Love the glow that comes right after.

Fragrance finds.

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Lastly, you can’t talk about happiness without talking about fragrance. The right scent can take you to great heights and make you feel all sorts of confidence. I’m crushing on two different yet equally chic fragrances—the first is Christian Dior Parfums Holy Peony, composed of (you guessed it) peonies, apricot rose and ambery woods and musks. It’s our beauty desk favourite right now and I’m quite enamoured with its flowery freshness.

The next is a beguiling scent that I’ve been inclined to wear for evening occasions for its sensual muskiness. The Les Exclusifs De Chanel 1957 has hints of bergamot, white musk, iris and neroli with cedar for that powdery, but timeless accord. This one speaks volumes and is very much an acquired scent.

Now that you know what sparks joy in my beauty routine, what about yours?

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