Backstage Access: Sheena Liam

Fun, fearless and going places


By Terry Saw

Backstage Access: Sheena Liam

What’s keeping you busy these days?

“I did some work for Moxham and Lisa King in London for SS15 and headlined Digital Fashion Week in Singapore with Jourdan Miller of America’s Next Top Model and Carmen Dell’Orifice, which was pretty exciting. Plus, a video editorial for Farfetch in London where I was a game character racing on a futuristic motorbike through various landscapes – it was just like the Sims!”  

Some backstage lessons you’ve picked up are…

“… how to sleep upright! Oversized hoodies make decent sleeping bags and always have food to share – you’ll make lots of friends.”

How do you keep your signature tresses in check?

“A model friend recently bleached her hair too – she’s taught me to leave coconut oil in my hair overnight. I rub it in, braid my hair up before bed and shampoo it in the morning – it leaves my hair soft and manageable.”

What are some of the beauty tricks that have worked for you?

1. “Always use an oil cleanser to remove your makeup.”

2. “If you’ve had a sleepless night, M.A.C’s Fast Response Eye Cream has a little bit of caffeine in it and rids off puffiness immediately.”

3. “If you have brittle hair like mine, you’ll need Tangle Teezer – stat.”

What will we find in your beauty kit now?

1. “The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for its matte eye-shadows. Castings call for very minimal makeup so the neutral shades are perfect.”

2. “Personalised serums by Skin Inc – I like that it’s light and water-based and feels like I have nothing on.”

3. “Aveda‘s Hydrating Conditioner because it’s really rich and works wonders in untangling my hair after a long day at work.”

The one beauty rule you live by is…

“… no makeup unless absolutely necessary – my skin glows when I don’t wear any makeup. And no whitening products!”

You’ve been traveling extensively – what’re some of you travel must-haves?

“I have a thing for beanie pillows – I seem to buy a new one every time I go shopping. Besides that, a good moisturiser, lip balm, my journal and a really good playlist and I’m set.”

Where are we most likely to bump into you in KL?

“Anywhere that serves up good ice-cream – I love Milk Cow, Tutti Fruitti and Swensen’s. I also enjoy dining at Thvrsdays, Grumpy Cyclist and Feeka. And you’ll never find me at shopping malls because they give me a massive brain fog!”

 Where will we see you next – any big plans?

“I look forward to going back to Europe. I have my year planned out until December… from Portugal to Paris… I can’t wait! And I have some good covers coming out I can’t wait for you to see!” 

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