Are you on the ‘yoga skin’ beauty trend yet?


By Gwen Ong

Are you on the ‘yoga skin’ beauty trend yet?


Your New Year’s resolution may be all about getting fit and healthy but sometimes the mind is willing but the spirit is not. We won’t fault you for not keeping to your goal, not when you have a chance to actually recreate the same post-workout glow minus the stretching. Fake it till you make it to an actual yoga class?

Called ‘yoga skin’, the latest beauty look is about being real with a fresh and luscious skin that looks natural and glowing with health. Sara Hill, a makeup artist based in the UK, has shared a step-by-step tutorial on how to get that radiant look, which has also caught on with other beauty aficionados.

“I called it ‘yoga skin’ because it emulates that really gorgeous radiance you have when you step out of the yoga studio; juicy, dewy and super-hydrated. It’s not about hiding imperfections but creating a hyper-real version of your natural skin, pinchable and just irresistible,” she explains.




So, how do you create that yoga skin?


Step 1: Start by applying regular skincare as normal and let it set into your skin for at least five minutes.


Step 2: Apply a layer of primer and then create your ‘skin mix’. Use a ration of three to four drops of foundation, one drop of facial oil and one drop of liquid highlighter. For extra luminosity, add a tiny bit of glow drops.


Tip: For dry skin, add in a small amount of moisturiser for extra hydration. For oily skin, use less of the skincare mix and increase a higher percentage of foundation in the cocktail.


Step 3: Massage the ‘skin mix’ into your skin with your hands, going layers by layers. This helps to get your circulation flowing and allows the base to sit better to create a natural flush. Let each layer set in for a minute and build up to your desired effect.


Step 4: Apply liquid or cream concealer on areas that need extra coverage such as under the eyes, around the nose, etc. Use an eyeshadow brush for a light, natural effect.


Step 5: Top off your look with cream blush or bronzer. If you need to, use setting powder minimally. The ‘yoga skin’ look is all about fresh, dewy skin.


Image: Rafaella Mendes Diniz / Unsplash; Aleksandra Modrzejewska / Hood Magazine


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