Clean minimalism: Aesop’s new signature store in KLCC

Of linear design and simple aesthetic


By Wei Yeen Loh

Clean minimalism: Aesop’s new signature store in KLCC

How often can you shop for botanical skincare products and simultaneously feel a pleasant sense of calm within the dwellings itself? Aesop’s new signature store in KLCC—a recent collaboration with Melbourne architects Russell & George, evokes that similar feeling, thanks to its clean, pared-down interior. The idea was to create a space that serves as a calming inverse of animated urban energy. The store’s predominantly white palette and geometric detailing effect draws a discernable aura of tranquility, along with added depth from the white walls through a vertical installation of floor-to-celing fine metal tubes.

You will find a diverse amalgamation in materials and textures that are contrasted with rotated angles in the store, from graphic patterned stone floor tiles to an attention-grabbing, large freestanding copper sink that’s placed skew-whiff in the middle of the space. Find the Melbourne-established brand’s complete range of skin, hair and body care products at the new store, with the help of trained consultants to help you out with your needs. 

Aesop is located at Concourse Level, Lot No. C32, KLCC50088 Kuala Lumpur


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