Ace the Laura Mercier way to flawless face

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By Gwen Ong

Ace the Laura Mercier way to flawless face

“Always remember—what makes you unique makes you beautiful. Embrace your personality. Celebrate your individuality.” – Laura Mercier

This year, Laura Mercier is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Being in the beauty industry for twenty years is a big thing. To commemorate the milestone, Laura has come up with a limited edition collection of her 12 iconic, must-have favourites, as pictured above.

In the last two decades, the beauty maestro has perfected her Laura Mercier’s ‘flawless face’ signature makeup style. The kind of flair that allows you to still be you after putting makeup on. It’s also the kind of philosophy that most resonates with me because I believe au naturel is the way to go.

During a recent visit to Laura Mercier’s petite store located at Le Bon Marché, Paris, I was put in the hands of Alexandre Ciancio, the National Makeup Artist of France. He demonstrated how to achieve the Laura Mercier flawless face in just four steps with a few useful tips thrown in as well.


1. Skin

First ensure that your skin is adequately moisturised. Then start with the Foundation Primer, you just need a little drop for a full coverage. It’s perfect to set your makeup. Pro tip – put the primer in the fridge and apply it for a fresh start in the morning.


2. Foundation

Go for the Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation for clarity and a luminous effect. Use just enough for your face and apply using the sponge – this tool is the secret to having a natural glowing look.


3. Concealer

For the face, mix the Secret Camouflage on your hands to get your ideal shade then dab to hide dark shadows and blemish spots. Next, apply the Secret Concealer only on the eyes. It has a creamy texture, so use this sparingly. For both products, apply with a brush and blend with fingers. Pro tip – blending with the fingers allows you to achieve a natural and minimalist look.


4. Setting Powder

Grab the Translucent Loose Setting Powder and gently press over the face; this is an important step to set the foundation, camouflage and etc. This also helps you to create a natural matte finish. Following this, use the Secret Brightening Powder to set the concealer.

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Bonus if you want to go all the way…

5. Eyes

For the lids, use the Eye Basics as primer to help prevent creasing. It is perfect for removing the oily effect and cover up discolouration. This can be worn alone for flawless nude eyes.

Next, to give a bit of colour, use the Caviar Stick followed by the Tightline Cake Eye Liner. The latter is super easy to use; just dab the flat eye brush with a bit of water then work the colour into a paste and apply underneath the root of the upper lash line.

Finish off with the Long Lash Mascara to define your peepers and the Brow Dimension Fibre Infusion Gel for full yet natural eyebrows.


6. Cheeks

Always highlight the apple of your cheeks for that natural flush. Blend and brush with the Illuminating Powder to add radiance to your skin.


7. Lips

Apply the Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalm; like its name it’s creamy like a balm yet silky like a lip-gloss and you get the perfect stay of a lipstick. Voila! You’re done!


The Laura Mercier Limited Edition ‘The Iconics’ makeup box retails at RM699. 


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