A whirlwind adventure: The diptyque La Collection Trente-Quatre

Jasmine in excess, and scents from the south


By Renyi Lim

A whirlwind adventure: The diptyque La Collection Trente-Quatre

The essence of the first shop established by diptyque’s founders – Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-
Leet and Yves Coueslant – has always been present in its 34 collection.

Each season sees the continued exploration of the perfume house’s many dimensions, and this autumn is no different: alongside a limited edition Essences Insensées eau de parfum, two scented candles join the 34 range, each presented inside a pot decorated with a swirling mix of previously unseen, unique hues.   

Alongside the potpourri-inspired Le Redouté, La Prouveresse – a woody scent inspired by the fig and cypress trees and aromatic herbs of Grasse in southern France – comes encased in candle form, with a combination of bluish-grey and black porcelain clay and shades of cut grass marking each pot. As for the Essences Insensées (which, incidentally, also takes the form of a solid perfume), a rich profusion of jasmine flowers from two different harvests characterises this season’s fragrance, wavering between classic, heady petals and succulent strawberry accents.

No two bottles of Essences Insensées are alike, either – each one is packaged in an amber glass bottle tinted in the ground by Waltersperger, the last semi-automatic glassmaker in France – just as it takes three days for each scented candle’s ceramic pot to be handcrafted in Portugal, in an enigmatic collection and collision of striking colours.

Available at all Kensapothecary outlets from September 2015 onwards.

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