7 Craziest ways eyebrow trends have pushed its luck in 2017

Good brows gone mad?


By Terry Saw

7 Craziest ways eyebrow trends have pushed its luck in 2017

Simply put, eyebrow trends are going through somewhat of a teenage phase this year. The crazier, the more rebellious – and the least sense it makes – the better. Also, everything seems to ‘inspire’ these trends – from dragons and peacocks to the ocean and (drumroll) human genitalia. For everyone’s sake (and appetites) we’ll talk about the latter, never, but leave all judgement at the door because here are some of the more bizarre brow trends that may or may not inspire you the same way they have done for beauty junkies the world over.


Trending Now: Squiggle Brows

Long story short, beauty blogger Promise Tamang recently posted an edited squiggle-everything look – that’s squiggle brows, liner and lips – which was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back. While the #ButWhy look bagged over 24,500 likes, fans were divided and a bunch of love-hate comments poured in, leaving everyone else in a state of confusion, impostors jumped on the bandwagon, suddenly – bam – squiggle brows became a trend, although not necessarily in our books.

Before you think she was crazy enough to shave her brows into submission – because the trend itself isn’t already crazy enough – rest assured, squiggle brows is an optical illusion makeup trick that was obviously designed around loads of patience (okay fine, boredom). We’ll leave the squiggles for our doodle notebooks, thank you very much!


#ICYMI: Other bizarre brow trends that made 2017 headlines (so far)

Here’s a quick compilation of some of the more out-there trends to grace our Pinterest and Instagram feeds and oddly, we can’t wait to see what else teenage phase-brows trend has up its sleeve – watch this space! 

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